5 Functional ICU Electric Bed


The fully electrical product has enough adjustment options to ensure that the head, knees, feet, and Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg are all elevated. The item is sent completely constructed after being ordered. It does, however, have the headboard and side rails, which are typically hooked. It is significant to note that this bed can be totally assembled without the need of any tools. The emergency-ready bed makes the job of the caregiver easier in case of unforeseen circumstances.

For instance, it contains a CPR quick release button that makes it easier for medical professionals to do the necessary resuscitation when necessary. The cold steel plate with a completely formed surface is also used in the production of the five-function electric hospital ICU bed. ABS soft join is not present. Most electric ICU beds with five functions can support up to 115 kg. As a result, the majority of regular people will be taken care of when they are exposed to a circumstance that requires them to receive treatment in the intensive care unit.


A CPR quick-release button is built into the five-function electric hospital bed.

Locking brake bars

Head and footboard

A piece of the control box, four motor parts, and a portion of the handset make up an advanced electrical motor system.

Angle indicators, heavy-duty castors with pedal central control, and one-button Trendelenburg

Nurse lock feature, one-button stop, backup battery for 18 movements, and nurse lock function all assist caregivers in avoiding or preventing errors.

  • Tools that aid medical professionals in preventing shock and even releasing abdominal pressure when necessary
  • It employs a 75*35-inch mattress;
  • Technical specifications include the external length, weight, and height, i.e., 91*41*21;

Sturdiness; simplicity of adjustment; highly resilient

The electric hospital bed's five functions allow for alternative configuration for items like:

  • Bedside cabinet; mattress; battery; oddment shelf; over-bed table;

Five essential features of an electric ICU bed

  • A four-piece pedal-operated, centrally controlled caster.
  • Two-piece P.P. heard board; four-piece, opulent P.P. guardrails;
  • Four pieces of urine hooks, four pieces of motors, and a piece of the control box. Four regions that can accommodate intravenous holes, which are used based on the patient's demands.
  • Trendelenburg section angle ranges from 0 to 12 degrees, with a 2 degree plus or negative margin.
  • A rear section angle of 0-80 degrees with a +/-5 degree tolerance
  • Adjustable height of 500-750 mm
  • Leg section angle of 0 to 40 degrees with a +/-5 degree tolerance

How do the five electric ICU beds that are offered function?

The product functions best when used by a person who is aware of how to maximize all of its advantages. The care giver can use the handset to operate and regulate the bed because it is plugged into an electrical outlet. The bed's control panel can also be used to operate it. It is simpler for the caregiver to manipulate the head and foot portions of the bed because they are aware of the ideal position for each patient based on the condition they are experiencing. Given that each caregiver may feel comfortable caring for the patient when they are at a particular measurement, they also manage the mattress's height. In some cases, the bed can be adjusted at the patient's request, especially if they are cognizant and able to express their requirements.

Why the five-function electric ICU bed?

The five-function electric hospital bed stands out from other beds because to its built-in capabilities. For instance, the majority of electric beds do not come with side rails, and the purchaser or caregivers are supposed to acquire and install them. Manufacturers caution that following side rail rules is not usually the case when buying side rails. This is one of the characteristics that distinguishes and makes the five electric hospital beds superior to others. Additionally, due to an increase in chronic health conditions, hospitals around the world are becoming a more commonplace aspect of life. The majority of patients end up dying in a bed in an intensive care unit. Given the alteration of times, ICU beds have become crucial to restore people’s health or provide them with comfortability during their last days.



High-quality treatment can only be provided with hospital beds, particularly those used in the intensive care unit. Therefore, making the ICU beds electronic is one method to combine simple-to-use features that will help the patients and the people providing them with medical care. It is important to remember that this unit frequently experiences high levels of strain and uncertainty, and the manufacturers' scant help can be understood.

The patient's comfort and accelerated recovery are supported by the five-function electric ICU bed's various advantages, which include the ability to move the head and foot portions. Given that ICU patients may be obliged to spend a lot of time in bed, it assures the patient's safety. The adjustments can reduce the chances of patients suffering from bedsores. The kind of bed to be bought should be determined by what is required from that hospital bed. In other words, its purpose should determine whether or not the bed is worth buying.

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