Hospital Trolleys Available in Kenya

There are many trolleys employed by medics in hospitals to hold out specific tasks while aiming at patients. Trolleys need safety rails and trauma functions among other features to ease transfer and resuscitation functions during emergencies. Here are some of the categories of trolleys available in hospital wards that we are going to discuss today: […]

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Hospital Beds Available in Kenya

Hospital Cot Hospital beds are also known as hospital cots. Cots are used in outpatient clinics, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. There are different hospital beds designed to meet the needs of various patients both at home and in need of health care or in hospital for their well-being and comfort. Hospital cots with […]

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Dialysis Machine Available in Kenya

Introduction A dialysis machine is a device that mixes and monitors the dialysate which is a fluid that assists in removing waste products from your blood. During haemodialysis, which is a treatment of purifying blood by filtering waste and water from a person’s kidneys, the dialysis machine is able to remove blood through a dialyzer. […]

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Raised Toilet Seat Available in Kenya

Drive Premium Raised Toilet Seat Raised toilet seat with removable arms to support persons with arthritis or back pain. 👉Easily attaches to toilet bowel 👉 Easy to clean 👉 Heavy-duty molded plastic construction 👉 Assists individuals who have difficulty sitting down or getting up from the toilet seat.

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Vaunn Medical Blood Pressure Monitor

Introduction Vaunn Medical Blood Pressure Machine has been proven to be among the most versatile blood pressure monitors.  Vaunn monitor has adapted to SmartCheck Technology technique which provides ultimate precision and reliability when checking blood pressure levels. Having a sizeable arm cuff that fits children and adults as well as small and large arms, up to […]

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Upright Walker Available in Kenya

Elenker Upright Rollator Walking Aid Convenient. It is easy to assemble. Has a compact design that is foldable for storage and transport. Safety. The 10” and 8” PVC wheels ensure stability when riding both indoors and outdoors. Ergonomic hand brakes provide security when moving. The padded armrest height is 38”-47” to keep your arms at […]

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Medline Steel Rolling Walker

Introduction The Medline steel rollator is a walking aid. The Medline steel rollator is made up of a tool-free assembly and custom handle height adjustment. The Medline steel rollator handles can adjust within a 31-inch and 36.5 inches height range. The handles have a 17-inch width between the two handles. The seat height can be […]

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Toilet Raisers with Removable Arms

Designed for individuals who have trouble sitting down or getting up from the toilet. The seat raiser provides strength and durability to the patient while maintaining portability and being lightweight. Enables patients to use the existing toilet and lid.   Premium elongated seat riser with arms Weight capacity: 135kgs Arms are tool-free and 19.75” apart. […]

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Hydraulic Deluxe Silver Vein Patient Lift

Product Specification Base Height:          6.5” Base Width:          42” (open) / 22.5” (closed) Boom Height:       17.5” - 72” Casters:                 5” Weight:                 33 kgs Weight Capacity: 205 kgs   Benefits Adjustable width-base Choose 3” or 5” casters Silver Vein steel […]

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Patient Monitor 12 Inch with Trolley

Patient Monitor 12"   Parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, HR 12.1" Color LED Display Screen Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF Knife' Real-time S-T segment analysis and ARR analysis 7-Lead ECG waveforms display in phase Capture dynamic waveform SpO2 pitch tone variation and Drug Dose Calculation Standby mode […]

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Traveling With Medical and Mobility Equipment

Overview Are you planning to tour around and not sure of what is allowed and what is not allowed when traveling by flight? You did the right thing finding out here, we'll take you through briefly and precisely. Do you think the size of the plane might be a factor affecting the bags to carry? […]

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OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Refurbished

OxyGo An OxyGo portable oxygen concentrator is a small, lightweight medical device that supplies oxygen from the surrounding air to your lungs.   It is a great choice if you need an affordable concentrator that weighs 2kgs and can operate on electricity, DC current, or battery-powered. OxyGo comes with a single battery that offers a […]

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How Nebulizer Machines Treat Respiratory Conditions

A nebulizer machine is a piece of medical equipment used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled to treat the lungs. It can be purchased with or without a prescription. Nebulizers, which come in either electric or battery-run versions, are commonly used for the treatment of the following respiratory diseases among other […]

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BiPAP (Bi-Level PAP) Machine Available in Kenya

What is a BiPAP Machine? BiPAP, which stands for bi-level positive airway pressure, falls under the Non-invasive ventilation therapy. It is one type of PAP that is used to maintain a consistent breathing pattern. Mostly used at night or during symptom flare-ups in people with COPD. Other treatments include asthma, bronchitis, meconium aspiration syndrome. Atelectasis, […]

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Prosthetic Legs Now Available In Kenya

  Understanding Prosthesis When an amputee is looking to get a device that will help improve the functioning of his/her limbs, the process can become exhausting when trying to understand what is the best option when choosing the right type of prosthetic legs. But first, what is a prosthesis? A prosthesis or prosthetic implant is an externally applied […]

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Electric Wheelchairs For Sale in Kenya

Introducing Affordable Electric Wheelchairs at Low Prices Mobility for persons with disabilities in Kenya is a major problem. In the last 10 years, with industrialization, so have been road accidents and other debilitating accidents increased. Electric or Motorized wheelchairs unchain patients from their loved ones and their caregivers. This has left hundreds of thousands of […]

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