Biobase Hematology Analyzer

Hematology test, a synonym for the complete blood count [CBC], is an essential process that constitutes daily examination in any clinical laboratory. In recent times, technology has evolved abruptly and this evolution has shifted medical departments in a big way. Scientists have been looking for ways to make production easier in all areas and one […]

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Biochemistry Analyzer Available in Kenya

The chemistry analyzer is a microcomputer-based diagnostic instrument. It is used in the laboratory to do clinical tests, in-vitro diagnosis, research, and hospital use while uniting optics, mechanics, and automation control.   Biobase Semi-Automated Chemistry Analyzer This analyzer is among the top automated clinical chemistry analyzers globally. With advanced features such as LIS software and […]

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i15 Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer

Overview i15 blood gas and chemistry analysis system is a portable point of care testing device that was developed to increase efficiency during the critical care testing process. Edan's i15 reader is a high-quality analyzer equipped with a user-friendly interface that ensures effective blood-testing of the patients. In addition to that, it requires minimal maintenance […]

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Siemens RapidPoint Blood Gas Analyzer

RAPIDPoint 405 Blood Gas Analyzer Overview  Rapidpoint 405 system is a point of care testing machine. It is one of the best blood gas analyzers in the market.  One of the reasons is because it ensures immediate test results for a patient.  Rapidpoint system also helps the clinician be able to determine the patient’s issue […]

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Hematology Analyzer, 3 Part & 5 Part

  Sinnowa Hematology Analyzer The Sinnowa Medical Science& Technology Co.LTD manufactures the hematology analyzer and is one of the best brands for blood analyzers. It is classified into two categories depending on the function; 3-part and 5-part. Fully Automatic 3-part Hematology Analyzer Features; Compact design Throughput: 60 samples per hour 3-part differentiation of WBC, 20 […]

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Lab Chemicals for Sale in Kenya

We have the following laboratory chemicals ready for you to order S/No    Iterm   Package Price 1        Sodium sulphate Unhydrous 500g 2       Acetic acid  2 3       Acetone 2.5L 4       Aluminium sulphate 500g 5       Ammonim sulphate 500g 6     […]

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