Autoclave Machine Available in Kenya

Autoclave Machine

An Autoclave is a machine used to perform sterilization to keep surgical instruments or other medical supplies free from disease-causing microorganisms. As a medical practitioner looking into buying one, we believe you know there are manual and electric or automated autoclaves. We’ll talk a bit about what to consider before buying regarding the two options. Most autoclaves sterilize equipment on pressurized saturated steam of 1210C for 20 minutes. They vary in shape and size where some are horizontal, vertical, double-door, among other differences.

The device was invented by Charles Chamberland in 1879 to fill a gap in both the industrial and medical fields. An autoclave is used in medicine to sterilize surgical instruments such as scalpel handles, needle holders, and forceps. The process first involves air removal from the autoclave to improve sterility. The device uses steam to sterilize equipment. When looking for an autoclave machine to purchase, always ensure the autoclave safety and the sterilization process monitoring and cycle are in check.


Phases of Sterilization Cycle

  1. Purge phase. In this process, steam flows through the sterilizer and stars to displace the air; temperature and pressure ramp slightly to a continuous flow purge.

  2. Exposure phase. This is the sterilization phase where the autoclave system is programmed to close the exhaust valve. As a result, it causes the interior temperature and pressure to increase to the desired setpoint.

  3. Exhaust phase. The pressure is released from the chamber through an exhaust valve and the interior is restored to ambient pressure. 


Components of an electric autoclave 

  • Vessel 

This is the main body of the autoclave. It consists of an inner chamber and an outer jacket which is filled with steam. This steam reduces the time it takes to complete a sterilization cycle and reduce condensation within the chamber.

When looking into buying an autoclave, consider one with a full jacket vessel because it is superior to that of a partial jacket. It minimizes wet steam, improves temperature uniformity, and reduces wet packs.

  • Safety Valve

Autoclaves operate under elevated pressure and must-have safety features and devices to ensure they present no harm whatsoever. This is the safety valve which is a final fail-safe device in case electronic controls fail.

  • Control System

Modern autoclave machines are equipped with a control system for sterilization. The controller interface ensures the sterilization cycle uses a programmed software formula to open and close valves in a specific sequence.

  • Vacuum System

When using the autoclave, all air inside the chamber needs to be removed and replaced with steam. This also enables the items inside the chamber to dry off before removal. Well, it’s not compulsory but always a good preference when buying an autoclave machine.

  • Thermostatic trap

This is a steam trap device that allows water and air to escape from the autoclave chamber. Ensure your autoclave has a thermostatic trap because it shows the machine is well-designed.


Factors to consider when choosing between manual and electric autoclave 

Manual Autoclaves


  • Have low repair cost
  • Affordable prices.
  • Flexible


  • Lack of control systems
  • Time-consuming
  • Limited safety features


Electric Autoclaves

  • Safety features
  • User friendly and accurate
  • Time-Saving


  • Costly


When looking for an autoclave that fits your sterilization requirements, consider these factors when buying and you will land one that meets your needs both financially and in terms of service provision. We hope your next purchase goes well because at GM Medical, we pride ourselves on healthcare excellence. Please, share your autoclave purchase experiences with us as well as feedback.



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