Four-Fold Ward Screen

Hospital ward screens are intended to give your patients a less clinical setting. Our displays are perfect for hospital patient rooms, clinics, and specialist care facilities because they are quick, efficient, and always put the needs of the patients first.

Patient privacy screens and medical dividers are made to provide shield barriers between patients and personnel that are both protective and private. Shield barriers allow for the privacy of medical procedures like vaccines and COVID testing while maintaining social segregation. In its special way, the contemporary hospital ward is a marvel of medicine. It might look like a typical space to us.

However, putting patients in an open ward enables medical professionals to monitor and treat them effectively and safely. However, there are significant downsides, with loss of privacy and the danger of cross-contamination is the most worrying.

 Description of 4 Fold Ward Screen

  • Available in 4 panels
  • Stainless steel tubing was used to create the structure.
  • Each folding panel is 60 cm wide.
  • Each portion should have drapes that are flame-resistant and machine-washable.
  • For ease of movement, mobile on twin 50mm swivel castors.
  • Knockdown Construction
  • Size: 175 cm
  • 184 cm for Extended Width
  • Height with 4-folding Dimension: 175 cm
  • 245cn for Extended Width

Product Features

  • Hospital furniture is an example of general-use commercial furniture.
  • Hospital application Modern design style
  • Stainless steel is the material
  • Particular Use: Hospital
  • Hospital ward screen, four-fold folding screens OEM: Available curtain for the hospital
  • Four pieces of silent castors
  • Guarantee: One Year
  • Dimensions: 180*50cm
  • Size when unfolded: L1500*H1800mm*W500
  • Size when folded: L500*H1800mm*W500
  • Packing dimensions: 201 stainless steel frame, 1800 x 540 mm.
  • Waterproof woven textile
  • Four wheels

Benefits of the Ward Screen

  • They are made of non-porous, hygienic materials that are simple to sanitize for a safe, healthy atmosphere and are specifically designed for medical purposes. They are also very effective social distancing screens as a result.
  • They provide an affordable alternative since, in contrast to drapes or fabric panels, our medical patient privacy screens are long-lasting and sturdy, making them a wise long-term investment.
  • Most medical displays are movable and feature lockable castor wheels attached to the base, making them portable. These are useful and can be moved where you need them the most.
  • Particularly our medical screens with opaque panels establish secluded rooms for patients' dignity. Even in crowded A&E or ICU departments or onwards, these can be used to provide private rooms, which is crucial during a pandemic when bed space may become scarce.


Imagine a hospital ward with a curtain surrounding an occupied bed. All the qualified staff members who require access to the patient and their area will need to open and close that curtain numerous times throughout the day. The space will need to be entered by cleaners, medical personnel, nurses, caregivers, persons bringing in food, and those removing trash. In the process, they uncomfortably push or pull the curtain out of the way by grabbing it with their hands in any convenient location. On their way out, they'll likely touch it once more.

Uses of the Four-Fold

The 4 Fold Ward Screen might be a room separation in the beginning. It can be positioned at the door and in a suitable room area to split it into two separate places, making it more pleasant for patients waiting to see the doctor. Each has a tranquil atmosphere, and people don't bother one another. Its positioning can also act as a shield in tandem.

The screen might take on a reserved role for the area of the house where stray debris is gathered. It can also be used for ward screening. If the screen is used for a book corner, a hollow screen can be utilized, which can look dynamic and vivid. For the interval, it is normally preferable to use a closed screen, and the height should not be lower than the line of sight. The ward screen can make the space more attractive. A pot of green-leaf ornamental plants is positioned in front of the 4 Fold Ward Screen to create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Available in transparent or translucent ward screens, it would give people a sensation of elegance and serenity if used for décor and beautification. The hospital ward screen can function as a changing area. Put a screen at the ward's entrance that may be utilized to block the outside world and serve as a place to hang raincoats and hats on the 4 Fold Ward Screen. To prevent the awkwardness of a glance, maintain a line of sight.


High-quality Perspex acrylic or gloss aluminium panels with aluminium or powder-coated steel frames are typically used to make privacy screens. Because these materials are non-porous and don't absorb liquid, they are simple to clean and sanitize between patients to eliminate any remaining viruses or bacteria. They are, therefore, very useful for medical purposes, especially during a pandemic. Traditional fabric partitions and curtain screens may be woven with antimicrobial qualities, but with repeated usage, this property may deteriorate and permit the spread of bacteria. As an alternative, you can choose from our medical screens made of metal and Perspex®, which are strong, functional, and reasonably priced.

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