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Hospital Cot

Hospital beds are also known as hospital cots. Cots are used in outpatient clinics, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. There are different hospital beds designed to meet the needs of various patients both at home and in need of health care or in hospital for their well-being and comfort. Hospital cots with adjustable rails were created in the 1800s in Britain. The hospital beds include ICU beds, delivery beds, single crank, double crank, or three function crank beds.

The beds are usually made of steel rails and plastic ABS material for both manual and electric functioning. The hospital bed comes with a mattress specifically for patient care purpose. It is framed with a hinged head which enables it to be inclined or declined. The hospital bed mattress is covered with a rexine or mackintosh which is liquid proof for bed laden patients. The standard hospital mattress size is 39 inch by 80 inch. The beds also have special features to fit the purpose such as adjustable height among others.  Today we focus on crank beds.


Crank Beds

Manual hospital beds are raised or lowered using the cranks found at the foot of the bed. There are three types; Single crank, Double crank and Three Crank.

Single Crank Bed

Features of one crank manual bed include;

  • Plastic ABS material on the head and footboard that is detachable
  • Has four castors with a diameter of 125mm while two of them have brakes
  • Bed platform and frame are made of cold-rolled steel coated with epoxy
  • Single crank bed can carry weight up to 180 kg
  • Bed side rails are collapsible with two pieces of aliminium alloy
  • Dimensions: 2000 x 900 x 530 mm
  • Inclination for the back rest is between 0 to 75 degrees.
  • Package comes with a urine bag hook and a IV stand


Triple Crank Bed

The triple crank bed, also known as three function bed or Gatch Bed was invented by Willis Dew Gatch during the 20th century. The modern 3-segment adjustable hospital cot has more adjustment features that can be accomplished manually and by using powered means. The functions include leg extends and bends, complete body lifting, lifting up or down of backside as well as leg lifts up and down.


Features of Manual and Electric Three Function Hospital Bed

  1. Material: Steel electrostatic spraying frame

  2. Adjustable rails which are collapsible to guarantee patient support and safety.

  3. Electric bed has a remote control that eases usage and ensures comfort.

  4. Here are the features;

  5. Dimensions: 213 by 97 by 45~ 69 cm

  6. Weight capacity: Static bearing 250 kg and Dynamic load 175 kg

  7. Net weight: 90 kg

  8. Castors: Four 5” silent castors

  9. Two urine hooks

  10. Packing size: 205 x 97 x 30 cm

  11. One set of detachable ABS head and foot boards

  12. Measurements;

  • Back rest - up to 75̊
  • Height up or down - up to 26cm
  • Leg raise - up to 45̊
  • Head raise - up to 85̊
  • Length of bed 6 feet
  • Width of bed 3 feet


Choosing a cot that fits your needs whether at home or in hospital depends on the state of the patient as well as your budget. For those looking to have a patient have their feet up because of treatments, a double crank cot would work. When it comes to affordability, hospital beds which are powered are easier to use. In case you need more details, please reach us via email on

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