Multi-Function Electro-Hydraulic Operation Table

YA-08EH Hydraulic Operation Table

Surgical procedures have become common issues in many hospitals, making a multifunctional theatre table one of the health facility needs. A hydraulic operating room multifunctional theatre table serves all purposes of the theatre. It is designed to accommodate the needs of patients requiring different types of operations and simultaneously accommodate the needs of medical practitioners. The theatre table provides support as the patient lies on it during a surgical procedure. The primary function of this table is to keep the patient in place while the surgical team carries out the operation. The surgical accessories are critical for helping the care providers move various body parts as required.

How is the YA-08EH Multi-Function Electro-Hydraulic Operation Table?

The design and specifications of an operating table determine how it can be used. The good thing is that a multifunctional theatre table can be used for countless procedures. In some cases, doctors can even use it to improvise if a different surgical need arises. These operations include pediatric surgeries, gynaecology services, cardiovascular surgeries, and orthopedic operations.

For instance, whereas specific operating tables are made to be used for various procedures, others are made exclusively for orthopedic surgeries. During surgery, the patient is lying on the operating table. A surgical table's primary function is to hold the patient still while the surgical team performs their work. Surgical table accessories may also be used to move various body parts for improved access to the surgical site.


  • A remote control with a micro touch

  • High reliability, minimal noise, and automation

  • Adjustment of each leg plate separately

  • A longitudinal shift for compatibility with X-rays

  • Comfortable workplaces for hospital employees

  • Practical and adaptable

  • Model: YA-08EH

  • Dimensions: 1970 mm x 500 mm

  • Elevation: (1100/690mm) Up/Down

  • Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg 30°/30°

  • Side tilt: 18°/18°

  • 60°/90° head plate adjustment

  • Leg plate adjustments are 15° up, 90° down, and 90° outward.

  • +90°/-45° back plate adjustment

  • 350mm of horizontal sliding

  • The perfect electric table might be regarded as having critical components imported from abroad

Standard equipment

  • One piece of the anaesthesia screen frame
  • One pair of shoulder supports
  • One piece of body support
  • Armrests, one set
  • One pair of long fastening clamps
  • A one-piece waist support frame
  • One pair of leg support holders
  • One pair of foot supports
  • One hand remote
  • Mounting eight pieces of clamp

Why purchase the Hydraulic Operating Room Multifunctional Theatre Table?

The manufacturers have designed this theatre table with the understanding that its movement is essential during critical times. As a result, the table can be moved longitudinally when need be. If the caregivers want to examine or film, the table can be used with the C-arm for radiographic operations. The materials used to make this theatre table are solid and reliable. They include polyurethane foam for the mattress, which makes it strong enough to withstand any fluids that may be released during the operation and prevent them from soaking the mattress.

Hence, this makes work easier for the cleaners and enables the care providers to keep the environment clean and with fresh air. Also, high-strength see-through material panels make the table's countertop. The 24-volt DC voltage used by the handheld manipulator is dependable, safe, and simple to use. The primary body position changes, including table lifting, forward and backward tilt, and left and right tilt. The translation is all made by pushing buttons and using an electric push rod transmission. The leg plate may be manually rotated, abducted, and folded down, which is particularly practical for urological surgeries and convenient for adjustment.


The YA-08EH Multi-Function Electro-Hydraulic Operation Table sorts many surgeries needs simultaneously. Every hospital desires to purchase one product that can serve multiple purposes as it saves space and makes the care provider's work easier. Cleaning is easy because of the materials used to manufacture this product. Care providers also have one product to focus on in terms of mastering how it works and its benefits and disadvantages such that by the time they perform the actual surgery, they can comfortably manoeuver through the theatre table accessories for the patient's benefit.

The product also comes with a longitudinal shift, making it easy to prepare and position patients for X-rays. Some operation tables only focus on the surgery without other necessities, such as X-rays, that may enhance the doctors' understanding of the patient's condition. The YA-08EH Multi-Function Electro-Hydraulic Operation Table is recommended as the product has proved helpful and reliable in hospital settings. Every hospital needs a multifunctional theatre table as a way of preparing themselves for future patient needs. This is because diseases of all types currently affect populations regardless of their age, gender, or even race.

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