Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator

G5 System Oxygen Concentrator


Inogen G5 delivers supplemental long-term oxygen therapy for patients who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions. The G5 system concentrates the air around the patient and offers a single source of supplemental oxygen. It can be used anytime and anywhere because it is lightweight, portable, and comes with a battery backup. This concentrator is definitely a global market leader when it comes to concentrators.

This is because of its superior item reliability and low maintenance costs. Inogen POC is also a technology leader in the portable oxygen concentrator space. This is because of a large number of published clinical research studies in line with oxygen equipment as well as the use of Bluetooth technology using a mobile app. 



  • Flow setting: 1 - 6 Litres/Minute.

    G5 has an AC wall outlet power supply. This is for using the concentrator as well as charging the battery.

  • Easy-to-read LCD display. This Constant oxygen purity monitoring.

  • Intelligent Oxygen Delivery. Automatically delivers oxygen daytime and nighttime.

  • Inogen has a DC car power supply. Charges the battery while you’re driving.

  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 13 hours on 1ltr/min usage.

  •  FAA Approved. It meets required flight regulations.



Inogen is one of the smallest and lightest concentrators actually, it ranks among the top five POCs.  also it has an 8 cell and 16 cell battery to deliver medical-grade oxygen available to patients anywhere.  The 8 cell battery lasts up to 4 hours on the five different settings while the 16-cell goes to 13 hours. It can be recharged either in a car with a car charger or in a power supply source. 

The concentrator provides you with a pulse dose of oxygen between settings 1 and 5 meaning that the slower is the breath, the more oxygen delivery for you. The oxygen is measured in puffs of air which produce very low noise. G5 comes with the setting of 1 to 6. 1 gives you 9ml,  setting to gives you 13 ml,  setting 3  gives you 27 ml, setting 4 will deliver to you 36 ml, and so on.

Inogen one G5 is used in any form of transportation because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved it to be carried on a passenger airplane. It comes with an 8-cell battery, a carry bag with shoulder straps, a nasal cannula,  and an AC and DC adaptor. We offer a 1-year warranty upon purchase of our refurbished Inogen POCs.


Inogen portable oxygen concentrator


Advantages of Inogen POC

Improves mental alertness.  

A low supply of oxygen in your blood affects organs. Hence, using supplemental oxygen ensures your brain and other organs are healthy.

Increases survival.

The oxygen supplements low supply in your system hence it improves your survival.

Gives a better night’s sleep.

The supplemental oxygen supplied by Inogen helps you to get a peaceful rest at night by ensuring the oxygen saturation levels are balanced.

Improves exercise tolerance.

Studies have shown that a patient using supplemental oxygen during a workout is able to exercise for longer and even at a high intensity.

Increases stamina.

Sometimes low oxygen levels in our body reduce the energy you need but oxygen therapy gives you enough stamina to get through the day.

Bluetooth Technology.

Inogen G5 has been upgraded to meet the needs of both users and providers. For instance, the device database can be accessed by installing a mobile app. This application updates users on battery level, the purity level of oxygen, alerts on any defects detected.

Easy maintenance.

Inogen has sieve beds that are user-friendly and can be replaced and then reduces maintenance cost and eliminate the frequency of the same.

Improves mood.

Research has shown that oxygen therapy actually improves performance cognition and mood.



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