Mindray DC-60 Ultrasound Machine

DC-60 Ultrasound System

DC-60 machine is a diagnostic ultrasonographic system that fuses the ever-changing innovative technologies for ultrasounds with customer insights to deliver high-efficiency with high-quality imaging.


The intended use of the machine is applicable for adults, neonates, pregnant women, and pediatric patients. Sonographers use it for urology, abdominal, fetal, pediatric, trans-vaginal, trans-rectal, adult and neonatal cephalic, peripheral vessel, adult and pediatric cardiac, musculoskeletal, and small organ(thyroid, testes, and breast).

Despite a vast usage portfolio, the DC-60 is limited to ophthalmic procedures or just any exam that causes the acoustic beam to pass through the eyes.



  • 17” LED monitor with 180 degrees rotational angle
  • Special Imaging; iScape (panoramic imaging), Tissue Doppler Imaging
  • Smart 3D, Static 3D and 4D
  • B Mode, M Mode, C Mode (Color, Power, DirPower), D Mode (PW, CW).
  • Gel warmer
  • Four probe connectors
  • Height-adjustable control panel
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Net weight - 85kgs
  • eXpress clarity - immediate clarity on images.
  • eXceptional intelligence - provides all smart exams from calculation to exam protocol.


Mindray DC-60 has a number of peripherals supported which include; bar code reader, MIC, DVR, foot switch, wireless printer, and digital video printer. An advantage of the machine is that it's open-ended when it comes to advancing the imaging quality and functionality. The buyer of the machine states the specifications they need to be installed to accomplish the intended use. The features can be upgraded with time and this is one factor that adds value to the Mindray DC-60. We've had partners getting clients that used the machine for some and later added probes and improved imaging from 3D to 4D for effective patient care.

One of the reasons why patients are fond of 4D imaging is because of the experience that one has of bringing internal organs to life. An example would be a pregnant mother, during the test, looking at the images in all dimensions as if watching the baby up-close and candid. This feeling will keep the customer coming back for more ultrasound images which leave a mark and a memory after the service.

The DC-60 Diagnostic Ultrasound System is a good choice for those who focus on cardiac with echo and are willing to spend a few coins for quality output. The upgrades can be done by a Biomed engineer whenever you are ready. We usually supply them on a pre-order basis but one machine that is almost always restocked is the upgraded version, DC-60 Exp. which gives the doctor confidence in results both on paper and on the patient.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us on the comment section. You can also call 0722932625 or email us on sales@medical.ke for more information and a customized quote.

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