MindRay DC-N2 Ultrasound Machine

DC-N2 Machine 


DC-N2 ultrasonographic system is a color doppler machine that comes with advanced image-enhancing technologies that build the diagnostic confidence of the sonographer. It is applicable for adults, pregnant women, pediatric patients, and neonates.

Mindray brand has been at the forefront of ensuring versatility on the ultrasound machines but at the same time keeping in mind pocket-friendliness when it comes to acquiring their products for those with budget constraints.

The intended use is obstetrics, gynecology, abdominal, fetal, cardiac, pediatric, vascular, transcranial, orthopedics, urology, nerve, musculoskeletal, small organ, neonatal, and adult cephalic.

Note; the system is not intended for ophthalmic use.

Let’s have a look at the features, shall we?



Features of DC-N2 Include;

  • Two level backlit keyboard for varying requirements

  • 5h uninterrupted scanning with rechargeable battery

  • Modes; B, M, C,( color doppler, power doppler), D (PW doppler, iScape).

  • 15” LCD screen comes with 180°rotatable angle

  • Three probe connectors

  • Height adjustable control panel

  • Power supply 220-240V and a rechargeable battery.

  • Smart 3D imaging

  • Net weight - 55kgs

  • iZoom - magnifying/ full screen imaging

  • iScan - ultrasound guide


MindRay DC-N2 is a global machine that’s compatible with various transducers, these include; convex, linear, and transvaginal transducers. They enable versatile scanning tests using DC-N2 to help maximize your resources for an excellent patient care experience. DC-N2 is compatible with both digital and analog video printers.

The device is used by clinicians who are on a budget for an affordable color ultrasound machine. It is a great investment initiative which yields high returns within at least a year of using it.

It has a long-term warranty that ensures the user has security while using it. DC-N2 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System gives both the clinician and patient a refreshing experience.



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