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Motorized Wheelchair


The motorized wheelchair 1036 is an electromechanical device that is used to increase mobility for elderly persons and those who are unable to walk. It has a modern, comfortable design to best suit the needs for the user of the wheelchair. This power wheelchair has various designs depending on their user in regards to the health situation. So for patients with conditions like cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and other injuries that might cause paralysis of the body, the This wheelchair is a great recommendation. But also, patients need to visit the physical therapist for confirmation on the best equipment to purchase. It is properly fitted to assist the user in line with the prescription of the healthcare professional.

Before using the machine, you are required to check and ensure that the device operates smoothly and safely. The propulsion is electric, so it is able to recline, decline, tilt and move around depending on your instructions. It's best suited for both indoor and outdoor terrain. The wheelchair has a whole set of LED light system to enable the user move at night or in dark rooms. These lights are controlled by the joystick which controls every other thing basically. The joytick can be easily interchanged with the right and left side so as to favor the user of this power wheelchair. Now let's see what the power wheelchair wisking 1036 comes loaded ith, shall we?


Parts of the Motorized Wheelchair

Joystick, armrest,  headrest, backrest, footrest, charge port, screw ( fastens the armrest), seat, joints of the seat, seat tube, brake, the motor with gearbox, rear-wheel, drive wheel, anti-wheel, and indicator lights. 



Product Specification

  • Overall dimensions    109x 61x 101cm

  • Seat dimensions         43 x 45 x 40 cm

  • Weight capacity          140kg

  • Battery dimension     25.9 x 16.8 x 23cm *2

  • Battery                         12V/75AH * 2

  • Battery weight            21 kg *2

  • Recharge time            8-10 hrs

  • Range                           up to 50km

  • Motor                          24V/320W *2

  • Front /Rear tire        10” air tire / 16” air tire

  • Charger                      24V/5A off-board

  • Gross weight             105 kg

  • climbing 12 degrees

  • Max. forward speed 10km/h


Final Thought

The power wheelchair 1036 should be handled with care because it is susceptible to damage from both internal and external elements. Therefore, it requires care and maintenance checks to make sure safety is maintained. Here are some safety instructions to keep in mind;

  • Ensure that you're not operating the wheelchair on roadways try using the side sideway and observe traffic rules.
  • All we're trying to say, is you make sure you are safe when driving the power wheelchair.
  • Avoid bending or reaching for objects on the floor between your legs because such movement may alter the weight distribution on the wheelchair and cause it to tip.
  • Keep off potentially hazardous inclines.
  • Don't expose the power wheelchair to moisture such as rain snow or mist. It should not be operated on slippery areas or salted surfaces.

The wheelchair user will need to practice separating the wheelchair in the presence of a trained attendant. This can be a family member or a healthcare professional to help with assisting on the daily usage of the wheelchair. At GM Medical, we ensure the patient gets better and is able to improve in independent mobility as well as daily activities. Get in touch with us on or call to talk to one of us on 0722932625.

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    1. Hello Joseph, we're in mitsumi business park along muthithi road, westlands. The wheelchairs are currently in consignment. [Please reach us on 0722932625 so we can keep you posted once they arrive.

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