Digital 300mA X Ray Machine



  • Display;           Digital
  • Application;   Radiography
  • Frequency;   50-60 Hz
  • Power Supply; 440 V
  • Fluoroscopy; 3.5 mA / 100 kVP
  • Large Focus; 200 mA-300 mA
  • Power;            24 Kw
  • Radiography ; 40-100 kVP (2 kVP Step)
  • Small Focus;  100mA

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1. meter-indicating
2. single-table single tube
3. single-phase, full wave rectification
4. stationary anode x-ray tube assembly
5. X-ray tube filament s voltage regulator, space charge compensator
6. Radiograph plain table wimple structure and easy assembling

X-Ray Machine 300mA Fixed Unit


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