Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator


✔︎ Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator
✔︎ 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
✔︎ AC Power Supply
✔︎ DC Power Supply
✔︎ Built-in Travel Cart
✔︎ Accessory Bag
✔︎ Cannula
✔︎ Tubing
✔︎ 5 Year Warranty

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✔︎ Offers an All-In-One Portable Oxygen Solution
✔︎ A Built-In Travel Cart for Patient Convenience
✔︎ Option to Run One or Two Batteries Simultaneously
✔︎ Illuminated LED Screen with an Easy to Operate Control Panel
✔︎ An Extremely Durable and Protective Hard Shell Body Casing
✔︎ CPAP and BiPAP Compatible

With your Oxlife Independence POC you will enjoy:

  • Best battery life in class
  • Continuous flow up to 3.0 LPM for safe sleep
  • An integrated cart and POC that stores under an airplane seat without disassembly. FAA & IATA compliant
  • A two-battery configuration allowing you to swap batteries while the device is running
  • Better vehicle performance with DC run power on all settings and run + charge up to 2.0 LPM continuous and 4.0 pulse.
  • Two times the oxygen pulse volume per setting compared to the leading POC

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