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We have received your quote request for an electric wheelchair. We'll send it to you within 24-48 hours. We may also call you so that we can determine your needs and which option is the best fit.

Which Wheelchair is Right for You?

It is not an easy decision to purchase an electric wheelchair. Most importantly, understanding the right wheelchair for the right person, for the right condition, and the right environment.

You see, someone living in the villages where there is no tarmac would need a different wheelchair from someone living in an urban where there are tarmacked roads and pavements.

An elderly parent may need a basic powered wheelchair but a young adult who suffered a stroke and paralyzed may need a different wheelchair based on which side of the body was affected.

A person who suffered a spinal cord injury has different needs than all of the above-mentioned needs.

How about a young child who suffered birth issues like cerebral palsy? A child who never learned how to read, write, talk, and all those things an elderly adult can do while navigating an electric wheelchair strong enough to climb gong hills to the top?

Do you see how diverse electric wheelchairs functions, needs, and capabilities can be?

These are the things we may need to contact you and discuss before we finalize the quote.


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