10 Litres Home Oxygen Concentrator


Home oxygen concentrator is medical equipment that supplies supplementary oxygen to a person that suffers from respiratory insufficiency mostly known as hypoxemia. How it works is that the air in the environment is pulled in and oxygen is compressed while nitrogen is eliminated. The oxygen therapy received from the concentrator is a continuous process that stabilizes the blood oxygen saturation levels of the user.

Jay 10 dual flow concentrator delivers 1 to 10 liters of oxygen per minute separately to each of the water chambers. These double chambers make it favorable for more than one patient requiring oxygen to conveniently use this concentrator. In the case of low purity, this 10-liter concentrator has an alarm that signals the caregiver. Jay 10 concentrator has purity alarms at 92% ( green light), 85% (yellow light), and a red light when the purity level reaches 73%. It is 27kg but comes with two pairs of castors to move from one point to another. Due to the continuous oxygen with moderate flow settings, this makes it favorable home equipment for patients with long-term illnesses.



  • Brand: Longfian

  • Capacity: 1 to 10 Litres Per Minute (LPM)

  • Model Name: Jay10 Dual Flow

  • Product Type: Stationary

  • Weight (in kg): 27 kg

  • Flow Setting: Continuous Flow

  • Oxygen Concentration:  93%±3%

  • Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.07 Mps

  • Sound level: <50db

  • Operation Mode: Electrical

  • Power Consumption: <880W

  • Input Voltage: AC 230V±10%

  • Presenting time: 10 minutes to 40 hrs



Two extra filters (total 4 filters) for additional 20,000 hours working.

User Manual


Why Choose a Jay 10 Dual Concentrator?

The Jay 10 stationary home oxygen concentrator produces up to 10 litres of oxygen per minute. This amount of oxygen is efficient for persons with critical conditions and in need of high oxygen consumption. For the elderly, who often are prone to oxygen deficiency, the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator offers sufficient supply of oxygen.

The 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator offers 93%±3% purity. Oxygen purity is crucial as any harmful substance entering the human respiratory system would lead to fast spread throughout. Harmful substances absorbed in the body may lead to fatalities as air is directly absorbed in the lungs. Thus through ensuring high level of purity, the patient, who is already experiencing respiratory defectiveness, will get a chance to access pure oxygen.

In some instances, the patients experience attacks. Attacks are emergency, unplanned for events. To rescue themselves, the patient will move towards the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator. For a stationary home oxygen concentrator with 27 kg, the patient can access the concentrator without it toppling over because the weight gives it balance and stability. Therefore customers who intend on purchasing the oxygen concentrator can be guaranteed physical reliability.


Patient safety and protection is prioritized in the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator with alarms that notify the patient on the purity level, additional virtual alarms also help the patient to get notified of any unusual activity happening in the oxygen concentrator. The purity alarms are; purity alarms at 92 %( green Light) 85%(yellow light), and a red light when the purity level reaches 73% respectively. The patient is advised on how to react in the different purity level. The user manual further explains this in details.

Usability of the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator is convenient to all users. It contains a LCD screen interface where the progress of the machine’s. The procedure is well laid out in the manual. The manual describes in detail how the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator can be used. Ability for a patient to operate the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator helps to attain the goal of self-service Medicare.

The 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator has four rollers that are used to move it. Therefore, a patient, for instance, an elderly person, can move with the oxygen concentrator within the house. Patients who cannot move and are receiving treatment at home can utilize the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator as they are moved from let’s say the bedroom, to the basking area. To add on that, in the case where a loved one is in need of supplementary oxygen, the home oxygen concentrator can be transferred and used to help the other party.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Concentrator

Ensure you have carried out efficient survey before making payments. People lack knowledge on how medical equipment is operated and how pricing is done on the medical equipment. Before purchasing the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator ensure that it has a dual flow. This helps in providing oxygen to more than one person. Heck to ensure that it is a 10L since there is an alternative 5L which has a lower output of 5 litres per minute.

Several companies produce the 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator. However, it is advisable to purchase the “Jay10 Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator” that is manufactured by Longfian. Unlike its competitors, Longfian has produced a 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrator that produces a 93%±3% purity level. It is crucial to observe the LCD screen to note the purity levels before purchasing in case of any faultiness.



Oxygen is a necessity in our lives. Those who need to supplement oxygen through oxygen concentrator should do so at their convenience (home or office). Purchasing the Jay10 Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator will guarantee clients this level of convenience as they engage in their routine activities. Technology advancements have made it possible for patients to experience such comfort.

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