Motorized Wheelchair Available For Sale

Motorized Wheelchair Overview The motorized wheelchair 1036 is an electromechanical device that is used to increase mobility for elderly persons and those who are unable to walk. It has a modern, comfortable design to best suit the needs for the user of the wheelchair. This power wheelchair has various designs depending on their user in […]

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Electric Wheelchair Available in Kenya

Power Wheelchair The Electric Wheelchair is a product that is suitable for improving the lifestyle of disabled,  elderly, and paralyzed patients who need assistance with mobility. It is designed with a combination of modern state-of-the-art components and trouble-free operation All this has been implemented so as to add convenience to your lifestyle. Despite adapting to […]

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Prosthetic Legs Now Available In Kenya

  Understanding Prosthesis When an amputee is looking to get a device that will help improve the functioning of his/her limbs, the process can become exhausting when trying to understand what is the best option when choosing the right type of prosthetic legs. But first, what is a prosthesis? A prosthesis or prosthetic implant is an externally applied […]

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Wheelchairs in Kenya. Choosing The Right One

  Choosing The Right Wheelchair For The Right Reason And The Right Price. The Pudding in The Details When you hear the word wheelchair, don't you almost visualize someone behind one and pushing it across the streets with a patient on it? Trust me, this article will change that forever. ... And what do Chinese […]

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Club Foot Shoes

  Clubfoot correction shoes and braces are determined by the type of clubfoot the child has. There are different types of clubfoot depending on the angle of the deformity direction and underlying cause. Regardless, the most popular clubfoot correction method is called the Ponseti Method, that involves casting and us of Ponseti shoes as early […]

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