Foldable Recliner Commode Wheelchair

The heavy-duty chrome commode reclining wheelchair is used as a physiotherapy tool for aiding mobility. Used by patients who have musculoskeletal disorders among other physical impairments. The recliner commode wheelchair has replaced the standard manual wheelchair because of the variety of uses it offers.


Features of the Commode Recliner Foldable Wheelchair

  • Heavy duty wheelchair with black nylon upholstery that is water-proof.

  • The wheelchair is easily foldable and can be packed in a compact shape to fit.

  • Armrests are padded for comfort and detachable to ease movement from the wheelchair.

  • Hydraulic mechanism enables wheelchair to incline and recline up to 180 degrees.

  • Chromed steel wheelchair frame with powder coat and chrome finish

  • Reclining and detachable headrest and pillow

  • 24” Solid wheels for durability

  • 8” PVC castor

  • Elevating leg rest footplate.

  • Comes with an adjustable flip-up rear anti-tipper

  • Push-to-lock wheel locks for safety and convenience.

  • Seat is 18 inches with a pouch on the backrest for convenience.


What to Consider When Choosing a Manual Wheelchair

If you are looking for an ideal means of independence, you might have probably considered crutches, a manual or electric wheelchair or even prosthetics. There is a variety of options to pick from and some of them include the following:


Buying for yourself a manual wheelchair needs consideration of price range and affordability. The folding reclining wheelchairs are fairly priced to be able to meet needs of those who are physically handicapped but looking  to be independent.


Commode wheelchairs are able to recline up to 180 degrees and so the user can relax and take a nap on them. They are foldable hence one can travel with them while they’re packed up and still easy to assemble for usage. The seats are leathered with a nylon lining to remain waterproof for users to take a shower while seated on them. The wheelchair also has a toilet pot which acts as a toilet put installed underneath.


The seat is wide enough to accommodate users of different body sizes. The seats are also cushioned and the armrest padded on each side. The wheelchair has leg rests, head rest and back rest which make it comfortable for the user. One can push themselves or get assistance with the help of the nursing handbrakes.


The wheelchair is made of chrome as well as stainless steel and these materials make it durable. The seats are covered with leather which makes them waterproof. Tires  are large in size to enable a smooth movement.



The folding recliner commode is a multi-functional wheelchair that tops the most purchased rehab item given the fact that it comes with versatility in providing services needed by the user. The prices also favor the buyer to afford the wheelchair. When looking to take a walk with an elderly who cannot walk for long distances, this wheelchair saves the day. Can be used anywhere because of the strong tires. The ability to bear large capacity with a wide seat makes it ideal for patients who require wider spaces.


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