Electric Wheelchair Available in Kenya

Power Wheelchair

The Electric Wheelchair is a product that is suitable for improving the lifestyle of disabled,  elderly, and paralyzed patients who need assistance with mobility. It is designed with a combination of modern state-of-the-art components and trouble-free operation All this has been implemented so as to add convenience to your lifestyle. Despite adapting to the newest technology to manufacture these machines, one of the most important factors is safety and the Wisking Brand ensures the customer has a safe operation with instructions provided in the user manual. 

The motorized wheelchair provides optimum stability under normal driving conditions and is used for both indoor and outdoor driving purposes. Another thing is that the machine can be used for both manual and electric purposes with the help of an attendant. The power wheelchair comes with a spare battery that is used to charge the motor and keep you going for longer. Well, let’s dig deeper into the product specifications.


Parts of the Power Wheelchair

Joystick, armrest, headrest, backrest, charge port, screw (fastens the armrest), joints of the seat, seat, seat tube, brake, footrest, rear-wheel, drive wheel, anti-wheel, indicator lights, and motor with gearbox.



The product specifications include;

  • Overall dimensions  - 1050x 600x 1090 mm

  • Seat dimensions - 45 x 45 x 60 cm

  • Weight capacity - 130kg

  • Battery dimension - 195x130x180mm

  • Battery    -  12V/35AH x 2

  • Battery weight - 11.2 kg x 2

  • Recharge time  - 6 - 8 hrs

  • Range Around  - 25km

  • Motor    -   24V/320W x 2

  • Front tire/Rear tire  -  14” air tire / 8” solid tire

  • Charger    -   24V/5A

  • Max.safety climbing  -  8 degrees

  • Max. forward speed  -  9km/h


Electric Wheelchair prices in Kenya



The  Power Wheelchair like any other electric product is susceptible to damage from both internal and external elements. Therefore, it requires care and maintenance checks to make sure safety is maintained. Here are some safety instructions to keep in mind;

  • Avoid bending or reaching for objects on the floor between your legs because such movement may alter the weight distribution on the wheelchair and cause it to tip.
  • Do not expose the power wheelchair to moisture such as rain, snow, or mist. It should not be operated on icy or slippery areas IC or salted surfaces.
  • We all know the public streets can be rough at times, right? And a driver may not see you while you’re seated in the wheelchair. So ensure that you're not operating the wheelchair on roadways try using the side sideway and observe traffic rules.
  • Keep away from activities that involve traveling up or down potentially hazardous inclines.
  • All we're trying to say, is you make sure you are safe when driving the power wheelchair.


Please reach us at sales@medical.ke or call u on 07229323625 for further assistance.

Product>> https://www.medical.ke/product/power-wheelchair-wisking-1015/

GM Medical, we got you covered.

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    1. Hello Patricia, which type of wheelchair do you need? manual or electric powered wheelchair? Please reach us on call/whatsapp 0722932625 for more information.

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