Manual Standard Wheelchair

Dayang Medical Steel Manual Wheelchair

Manual standard wheelchairs are among the initial designs of wheelchairs that were manufactured to help disabled people to move from one place to another. A Dayang Medical Steel Manual Standard Wheelchair has small front wheels and larger rear wheels, which are designed in a manner that the disabled person must depend on a caregiver for movement or they must propel the wheelchair themselves. Unlike digital wheelchairs, which may be controlled using one hand, manual wheelchairs use more energy when the wheelchair user is propelling it by themselves. This is because both hands are expected to steer the wheelchair in their desired direction. As a result, sometimes it is difficult to get to certain places, especially if the place is rocky or too small for the wheelchair to fit in.

One good thing about the Dayang Medical Steel Manual Standard Wheelchair is that the design allows the user to reach the rear wheels and push them comfortably without standing up. Even though much energy is spent while propelling, more is saved when moving it while sited. More importantly, manual standard wheelchairs are transportable, collapsible and easy to use by the wheelchair user or even their caregiver. It is essential to note that anyone may need a wheelchair at some point. Hence, knowing such products is critical since one can use them to help loved ones using wheelchairs.

Who needs a Dayang Medical Steel Manual Standard Wheelchair?

Well, it can be anyone! Because anyone can be unable to walk for some reason, their doctor may advise them to use a wheelchair even if it is not a permanent need. One may be eligible for using a wheelchair if:

  • They struggle to walk on their own
  • They can only take a few steps before they need to rest if they are walking unassisted
  • Their mobility is highly limited, and their physician has evaluated their needs and found a standard manual wheelchair a requirement.
  • If they find it difficult to walk for a long distance even when they have help from their friends or family


  • The DY01809-46 model
  • Country of origin: China
  • Size: 103*44*49 (Length by Weight by Height cm).
  • Weight: 17.3 kg
  • Principal substance: stainless steel

Product Details

  • Wheelchairs made of steel that are manually operated combine stability, safety, and comfort.
  • Since this model is among the most affordable wheelchairs, it is also widely used. Most clientele largely embraces it.
  • The steel wheelchair model is adaptable to nearly everyone and ideally suits your lifestyle.
  • When moving up a slope, anti-tippers stop the stroller from tipping backward.
  • The user benefits from a smooth ride even on bumpy roads thanks to the robust, sturdy construction. Feeling pretty protected and guarded whenever.


  • A steel frame with a chrome finish

  • Fixed the leg rest

  • 24" strong spoke wheel

  • 8’’ Unmoving armrest

  • Front castor in PVC

  • Easy to put together and maintain

  • Steel frame with a chrome finish

  • PVC front castor

Advantages of having a Dayang Medical Steel Manual Standard Wheelchair

First, this product is relatively cheap. As a result, most people can afford it without necessarily struggling. The maintenance cost of the product is also relatively low because it can be used for long-term services for lightweight individuals. This manual wheelchair has a double cross bar which is essential for improving stability. Hence, the safety of the wheelchair user is protected.

The users may easily transition from a bed to a wheelchair because of the leg rest's detachability and the armrest's ability to flip up. The rider is rewarded with a smooth ride even on uneven roads because of the heavy, durable structure and double crossbar. I frequently feel secure and safe. When moving up a slope, anti-tippers stop the stroller from tipping backward.


The Dayang Medical Steel Manual Standard Wheelchair has been manufactured with quality as the biggest concern. The company delights in utilizing technological innovation, which has helped improve the Dayang Medical Steel Manual Standard Wheelchair from time to time. One of the credits deserved by this product is that technological innovation has become part of the company's journey, hence increasing their investment in research and development of better wheelchairs. Using this product moves better, even for individuals who are permanently disabled.

As a way of ascertaining the quality of wheelchairs from Dayang, the company has personalized this design for high-end goods. This decision has contributed to the company's obtaining numerous national patents. This has enabled it to become one of the national high-tech enterprises in China. Unlike many other companies, Dayang offers clients services even after purchasing this product. A professional technical team is dedicated to offering technical suggestions and services to wheelchair users.

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