Medline Steel Rolling Walker


The Medline steel rollator is a walking aid. The Medline steel rollator is made up of a tool-free assembly and custom handle height adjustment. The Medline steel rollator handles can adjust within a 31-inch and 36.5 inches height range. The handles have a 17-inch width between the two handles. The seat height can be adjusted from 20.5-inches to 23-inches.

The Medline steel rollator weighs 19 lbs. and can accommodate a user weight of up to 300lbs. It is used by people who have gone through surgery who require support to walk. It further has a padded seat with a backrest that provides a space for the patient to rest. The padded seat has an adjustable back support that can be removed.

It also contains a basket to store belongings. The steel rollator contains easy-locking loop brakes that offer safety as it stops the Medline steel rollator from moving when the user is seated. It is moved by 8-inch non-marring wheels that make it useful for both indoor and outdoor activities. The strong wheels can accommodate uneven and rough surfaces.


  1. Padded seat for comfort and backrest

  2. Comes with a basket and umbrella holder

  3. Easy-locking loop brakes

  4. Tool-free assembly

  5. Weight capacity- 135 kgs

  6. Rollator weight: 8kgs

  7. 6” smooth-rolling wheels

  8. Width between handles: 17.5”

  9. Handles height: 31” to 35”

  10. Seat height (not adjustable): 20.5”


The Medline steel rollator provides extra balance and support for mobility of patients who have either undergone a surgery or having mobility challenges. For patients who require frequent rest stops along their walk, the Medline steel rollator contains a padded seat and a padded back support. The Medline steel rollator is stopped by the easy-locking loop brakes which stops it from moving and enables the patient to seat and take a rest.

This unlike old times helps patients with mobility challenges to walk the recovery road by themselves without the aid of a caregiver or attendant. When a second party engages in the recovery journey, they may show a negative attitude that would slow the recovery of the patient. Therefore, through the Medline steel rollator, the patient can effectively train themselves how to walk again in a manner comfortable and convenient to them.

The Medline steel rollator offers easy usability. It has a tool-free assembly which makes it easy to assemble and dissemble. It does not contain any software or complex technology which makes it easy to use. The user can therefore follow simple steps to assemble the Medline steel rollator and use it. In the case where the user wants to transport the Medline steel rollator to another location, they can dissemble it and transport it.



The Medline steel rollator offers high level of durability. The materiel used to make the Medline rollator is steel. Therefore, if factors such as maximum weight are observed, this walking aid can last for long because steel contains a compound known as chromium to prevent steel from rusting. Given that rusting is the main challenge surrounding metallic objects, then the steel rollator offers a longer usability period.

Adaptability is the ability of a device to be functional in quite adverse environments. The walking aid rollator has a high level of adaptability to different environments. In this case the environment include indoor and outdoor. The 8-inch non-marring wheels makes the Medline steel rollator able to move even on rough surfaces which is the outdoor environment.

The rotating nature of the wheels makes it able to move over uneven surfaces and offers a faster way of moving for those with mobility challenges from place to place. In addition to that, it contains adjustable parts. The adjustable parts make it possible for users with different body heights to use the Medline steel rollator.

Given the nature of the user, the Medline steel rollator has prioritized user safety with the inclusion of the brakes. The brakes are designed such that there is no in-between. It is either the brakes are on or not, there is no in-between in the braking system. The brakes of the Medline steel rollator are also located on the handle, just like in bicycles. The brake position makes it easy for the user to stop in the case of emergency with ease.

  • Easy to assemble and use. No tools needed
  • The rollator has 6” wheels that are strong for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • It comes with a padded seat which enables the user to sit and rest on it.
  • Medline rollator has a convenient basket under the padded seat for storage.
  • The height of the handle grips can be adjusted from 31-35” for users to customize the fitting.



The only challenge facing the Medline steel rollator is an inevitable one caused by wear and tear. It has been reported that the wheels fail unexpectedly. This can be easily solved as it inconveniences the user. It can be solved through properly maintaining the Medline steel rollator. Ensure that the moving parts which are the wheels are properly greased. Grease helps to reduce the friction in the wheels for a swift movement of the Medline steel rollator.


The Medline steel rollator offers a conducive experience to the user given the features it has such as the padded seats and basket. This has enabled users to move, given their mobility challenges, from place to place conveniently. However, for a longer service period, the Medline steel rollator requires adequate maintenance. The user should ensure that they use it under conducive conditions to ensure the Medline steel rollator lasts longer.

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