Ambulance Stretcher Available in Kenya

A wheeled stretcher is a vehicle made up of a platform on a wheeled chassis intended to transport patients lying flat. In addition to patient security straps and supports for fluid infusion equipment, the device might incorporate side rails. The frame can be either fixed or collapsible for use in an ambulance. It is made from an aluminum alloy with great strength. The foam cushion and adjustable back provide the most significant level of comfort. One person may efficiently operate it and transfer the patient to the EMS van using this stretcher. The handles on one end of the stretcher are mechanically used to manage the foldaway legs.

Accidents occur daily throughout the world, most of them leaving the victims in unconscious states or in immediate need of medical help. An ambulance has been designed with the thoughts of such situations in mind; hence, all ambulances are equipped with medical experts and equipment that help save lives during critical life situations. Ambulance stretchers are almost like medical beds. They are designed to ensure the comfortability of the patient by reducing their movement as much as possible.

Ambulance stretchers also make it easy to maneuver through the patient's body, depending on their medical needs. Manufacturers ensure that ambulance stretchers make the medical experts' work easier by minimizing the strain since they are forced to lift several patients within a day. An ambulance stretcher has various functions, including loading and unloading, allowing doctors to provide emergency services, and holding the patient in a comfortable position during transportation from the accident scene to the hospital.

Ambulance transport stretchers have a load capacity of up to 300 kgs. Every ambulance is integrated with a charging system, especially for those already using electric transport stretchers.


Principal Characteristics

  • Pressing the height handles will cause this ambulance stretcher's height to change.

  • Side rails that can collapse as required

  • The bed table's surface is a foam mattress that has been waterproofed.

  • Includes support for IV stands as may be required in most critical situations.

  • With a safety lock, the patient does not move within the ambulance.

  • One individual efficiently manages them.

  • Handles are positioned on either side of the stretcher to control the folding legs.

  • The stretcher can be secured using brackets in a transport vehicle.

  • Each stretcher has a backrest that is movable for more comfort.

It is critical to note that most ambulance stretchers are not electrical. As a result, care providers are forced to pay attention to different things, which demands that a patient may not be taken care of by a single care provider. This is one of the reasons why using electrical ambulance stretchers can be helpful. The care provider will only need to concentrate on caring for the patient once the bed is set appropriately. Ambulance stretchers can be used in different situations, including in military services, rescue personnel, and out-of-hospital care situations, such as in case of road accidents or fire emergencies.

Uses of the ambulance stretcher

Carrying injured patients when they are:

  • Incapacitated to the extent that they cannot walk, walk or even move
  • Unconscious
  • Some injuries may be unconfirmed but still, require the use of an ambulance. Such cases may include patients with a suspected neck injury.

How are ambulance stretchers made?

Ambulance transport stretchers are made using lightweight metal, which is mostly aluminum. They use a rectangular shape that is big enough to accommodate the size of an adult human being, both in width and length. Emergency medical service providers may have too many cases to handle within a day. For this reason, the ambulance stretcher has to carry handles on every end of the bed, making it easy for more than one medical professional to load or unload the patient carefully. Sometimes the stretcher may need to be padded, especially in critical injuries such as spinal cord injury.


Ambulance stretchers are like beds inside the vehicle. As a result, they must be detached or removed, reinstalled, and locked in position after the patient has been loaded. The stretcher is manufactured small enough to fit in the ambulance and yet big enough to hold an adult individual. Ambulance stretchers can be carried or rolled depending on the weight of the individual being transported. They also come in different sizes in terms of their height which is regulated after the patient has been loaded and securely held in position.

When passed via smooth surfaces, the stretcher can be pushed conveniently. The stretcher's frame can be used to increase the speed of movement after the ambulance has arrived at the hospital. At the same time, the patient is being rushed to the accident and emergency department. Every stretcher is an invaluable asset to help save lives in any emergency. It ensures safety during transportation by restricting patients, especially when movement is least required.

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