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Accidents occur daily, and diseases that can force people to use walking aids have become common. When an individual becomes sick or experiences an accident that may lead to using a walking aid, they rely on elbow crutches for long-term support. Elbow crutches can also be referred to as forearm crutches. They offer support in cases where the individual requires more upper-body strength.

They are essential in giving individuals more control over their movement. They are easier to use on uneven terrains and stairs. One of the disadvantages of elbow crutches is that they can lead to soreness and abrasion when used for a long time. This is why it is important to consider the quality of elbow crutches before purchasing them.

Tynor Elbow Crutch

The Tynor Elbow Crutch is designed to support the movement, even for adults, for a long time without causing abrasion. Designed to offer full weight bearing when one or both legs are physically challenged due to a nerve ailment, fracture, disease, or injury, the Tynor Elbow Crutch is a very complex walking aid. Due to increased patient confidence, reduced tiredness, and fashionable appearance, more and more medical professionals are choosing to use elbow crutches instead of the more traditional axillary crutches.

Product Details

  • Universal size to fit wide range of users

  • 99 cm is the size in Number 1's sales package

  • Tynor crutch is designed as a mobility aid.

  • It transfers weight from the upper body to balance

  • Adjustable crutch and elbow heights.

  • The product can be washed when need be

Other Details

  • Name generic: Walking Aids
  • Product Size: 99 x 25 x 11 cm; Product Weight: 561 Grams
  • The model number for the item is L13UGZ.
  • The item weighs 561 g and measures 99 by 25 by 11 centimetres.
  • Components Included: Elbow Crutch, Adjustable
  • Ideal for: Men, Seniors, Women, Children, and Teenagers
  • Use for: Men and Women
  • Age Group: All Age Disabled Material, 1 Pack
  • The material used: Rubber and light-alloy
  • Other Qualities: small and light

Features and specifications include:

  • Enhanced load bearing is included
  • Uniformly supports the elbow
  • Provides a cozy grip
  • It features a nice aesthetic and simple size customization.
  • The product includes anti-slip features

Advantages of using the product

  • It offers improved load bearing
  • It offers support and stability to individuals struggling with mobility issues.
  • It is equipped with anti-slip properties, enhancing the individual's physical safety.
  • It has a pleasing-looking design.
  • Velcro strapping threaded through the cuffs are well designed
  • Extremely lightweight hence it does not make the individual exhausted

In the past, people were advised by healthcare service providers to rely on sticks for support if they suffered an injury or a disease that forced them to need support. As time passed, technological advancements have been made to advance those walking sticks into crutches of different kinds. As a result, elbow crutches make movement more comfortable than walking sticks.

Benefits of Purchasing an Elbow Crutch

  • Designed for those who need ambulation help to maintain improved posture and mobility control while reducing wrist pressure.

  • The anodized aluminum crutches, plastic hand grips, and pivoting arm cuffs are simple to clean and sanitize.

  • The crutches are available in four sizes that may be adjusted from the handle to the ground: Small (443-696mm), Medium (538-792mm), Large (639-920mm), and Extra Large (814-1094mm).

  • Features When used indoors or outdoors on concrete, polished tile, and hardwood flooring, slip-resistant ferrules increase safety.

  • Ideal for people who have hand discomfort due to neurological conditions, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome.


Elbow crutches may be a requirement for any individual since safety is not always a guarantee. People born with two healthy legs sometimes find themselves using crutches to walk due to chronic sicknesses or even unexpected accidents. This is why many companies have emerged with different models of forearm crutches to support people who may need walking aid. Tynor Elbow Crutches have proved helpful to the model's target population, especially individuals with lightweight.

The product comes with a warrant and a manual to support the user for easy application and use of the product. Even though individuals with heavyweight can also use the product, manufacturers agree that it may not be reliable for long-term use in such circumstances. However, lightweight individuals using this product have provided positive feedback over the years.

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