Anti-Decubitus Ripple Mattress

Science and life itself have proved from time to time that not all mattresses can be reliable in different situations. We live in an era where one's financial, social and economic status determines the kind of mattress one use at home. However, life and a person's health status have become better determinants of the type of mattress used within healthcare facilities.

Certain health conditions may restrict a person's movement and confine them to a hospital bed for months. Some of these conditions include accidents that may render an individual unconscious and need intensive care unit services for months. Others may be a result of common diseases such as meningitis. From experience, doctors have understood the kind of mattresses that can offer the relief and support that patients who need to stay in bed for a long time require. Despite the many other types of mattresses manufactured, ripple mattresses have helped improve the health of individuals staying in the hospital.

So what is a ripple mattress?

Also known as an inflatable air mattress, this is an anti-bedsore mattress that assists users with pressure ulcers. Ripple mattresses are manufactured as part of a hospital bed or entirely on their own. It is designed to lower the interface pressure between the patient's skin and the support medium. Doing so makes it easy to achieve its goal of relieving the stress from the patient's weight on the mattress. It lowers the pressure by providing uniform support through the patient's contact skin with the help of the air, which pressurizes the air cushions. Sometimes it is called an alternating pressure mattress.

Ripple mattresses are constructed by the use of interconnected fabrics, which are lined up with air cushions. The air cushions are then inflated using an air compressor which may be attached or built into the hospital bed frame. The cushions are also permeable to air and water vapor but are impervious to liquids. The manufacturers understand how challenging cleaning a mess from bedridden patients can be. Hence, the ripple mattress is designed so that each cushion can be removed independently for cleaning.

Product Features

  • Comes with a pump

  • Mattress 200x90 cm (6cm high)

  • Input power <10W

  • The supply voltage is AC 220V

  • 100 kg maximum weight

  • Frequency 50Hz

  • Patch set for punctures

How does the ripple mattress work?

Even though the ripple mattress is used for general purposes, it is the principle behind it that enhances its functionality and reliability. For instance, it works by exerting less pressure on the patient's skin, ensuring that their underlying tissues are not pressed too much against the mattress. This is a unique feature compared to other standard hospital mattress systems. It is essential to note that how a patient lies on a regular bed and how they lie on a ripple mattress differs. The traditional mattress does not allow the patient's body to obtain constant support like the ripple mattress.

As a result, the ripple mattress ensures that no areas are receiving excess pressure and forcing some of the capillaries to be shut. In a standard bed, such high pressure on specific areas has been associated with pain and even bed sores since blood cannot circulate freely through the tissue. Hence, oxygen and nutrients are not supplied. Waste products are also not removed, which makes it difficult to heal the affected areas.

Why have a ripple mattress?

For years and years, care providers have restored patients' health even without the invention of the ripple mattress. So, one may wonder why it would be necessary for any hospital to purchase a ripple mattress. The answer is quite simple. The ripple mattress is like a computer, making work easier while the operator still carries out their daily tasks. In other words, the unique features of the bed are not meant to make patients stay longer in the hospital because of their comfort. Instead, they help both the patient and the care providers. For the patients, it becomes bearable to stay in bed for the required amount of time to receive medical care.


Ripple mattresses have been in use for years now. However, not all hospitals worldwide have been able to purchase and use them. With the advancement in technology, more changes have been made. They support the recovery of patients in critical conditions as much as possible. For instance, more ripple mattresses are being manufactured with better features, such as computers or microprocessors whose function is to collect and analyze more specific information regarding the functionality of the profession. As the world gets digitalized, so is the medical profession. When the ripple mattress is monitored digitally, the computers can ensure pressure mapping and patient positioning is as they should. Using the ripple mattress promotes the patient's well-being and supports the patient's recovery.

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