Jay-10 Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator

The stationary 10-litre home oxygen concentrator has a 93%–3% purity level. Oxygen purity is essential since any dangerous chemical entering the human respiratory system would quickly spread throughout. As air is directly absorbed into the lungs, harmful compounds ingested in the body may result in mortality.

Thus, by guaranteeing a high purity level, the patient—who is already dealing with respiratory impairment—will have the opportunity to get pure oxygen. The patient can experience attacks in an emergency. Saving themselves may require them to move toward the concentrator. However, it is also crucial to note that some troubles may require the input of a healthcare provider to stabilize their body and restore their breathing.

Such circumstances require transport from home to the medical facility, and the patients must be maintained. With the advancement in technology, it has become possible for patients to move from one place to another, even when relying on an oxygen concentrator.

Product Description

  • Single flow
  • JAY-10
  • The flow rate is between 0-10 litres per minute


  • Size: 365mm by 375mm by 600mm

  • Product Name:10L Medical Oxygen Concentrator Flow

  • Rate:0-10LPM

  • Approximately 27 kg

  • 93% purity (3%)

  • 04-0.07 MPA Outlet Pressure (6-10PSI)

  • 50 DB Sound Level

  • 880 w Power Consumption

  • Screen: A sizable LCD

  • Alarm: Low/high-pressure alarm, power failure alarm

  • LCD Switch time, operating pressure, current working time, accumulating time, and presetting time between 10 and 40 hours are displayed.

The concentrator comes with the following:

  • Low Purity Nebulizer (Atomization) Alarm
  • Poor flow alert and low purity alarm
  • Alarm for a high temperature; pulse oximeter; and
  • Maintenance alarm
  • A reset button
  • Wireless and Bluetooth remote control monitoring system


The Jay-10 10L Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator can be used for medical purposes. Diseases like interstitial pulmonary disease that require high pressure and high flow oxygen support hospitals to support their patients' well-being. It can also be used when there is a need to travel from one place to another. However, during such circumstances, one must ensure that the means of transport are comfortable and reliable, such as a spacious ambulance.

Can the product be used at all times?

Like most machinery, portable oxygen concentrators require a cooling period to avoid overheating and damage. A time when you don't utilize your portable oxygen concentrator should be set aside. Disconnect the connector and the batteries. Place the Portable Oxygen Concentrator in an excellent location.

How to maintain the 10l single-flow oxygen concentrator?

The portable oxygen concentrator's lifespan can be increased with proper maintenance. This entails giving the machine's exterior careful attention. Regular exterior cleaning helps avoid the air vents becoming drawn with dirt and grime, which can lower performance and longevity.

Additionally, store the item safely and securely in the travel bag to prevent damage. It is also advisable to run the battery down once every three months, fully recharge it, and then use it again. This prolongs the battery's life.

How long can the battery last if used for travel or in homes?

Portable oxygen concentrators are powered solely by batteries. The battery life of the portable oxygen concentrator should be sufficient for the time you regularly spend away from a power source.

Depending on the model, the battery length can last from 3 to 11 hours. The portable oxygen concentrator contains an inbuilt battery; however, extra backup batteries can increase their runtime.

Why choose the Jay-10 10L Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator?

The stationary 10-litre home oxygen concentrator prioritizes patient safety and protection with alerts that alert the patient to the purity level and additional virtual alarms that let the patient informed of any unexpected activity occurring in the oxygen concentrator. The purity warning levels are as follows: 92%, which shows a green light, 85% indicates a yellow light, and 73% shows a red light respectively. The patient is advised on how to respond at various purity levels. This is also explained in depth in the user handbook.


We all need oxygen to survive. Those who require additional oxygen should use an oxygen concentrator as soon as it is convenient for them to do so (at home or the office). This comfort will be provided to customers who purchase the Jay10 Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator as they do their daily business.

Patients can now enjoy this comfort thanks to technological improvements. Four rollers are utilized to move the stationary 10-litre home oxygen concentrator. A patient such as an older person, can roam around the house with an oxygen concentrator.

When moving from, say, the bedroom to the bathing area, patients who cannot walk and are undergoing therapy at home can use the fixed 10-liter oxygen concentrator. Jay 10 home oxygen concentrator can be given to the other party and utilized to assist them if a loved one needs additional oxygen.

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