800D Round Electric Centrifuge

Product Description

The 4000rpm aesthetic of the 800D Round Electric Centrifuge is appealing. Additionally, it has a 20ml*6 hole capacity. The main application for this product is the qualitative examination of urea and blood plasma serum.

Additionally, the 800D Round Electric Centrifuge's manufacturers advise using it in biochemistry labs and hospitals to create or produce vaccines. It has a rounded form and a clear circular GL cover on top for controlling noise and air entrance. The 800D Round Electric Centrifuge can be found in both regular and irregular types.

Some may be able to hold a lot, a little, or even a minuscule amount. While some go at a faster pace, others move at a slower pace. Additionally, producers make it apparent that some electric centrifuges may provide clients a choice between digital and non-digital variants of specifications.


  1. The device has a centrifugal force (xg) of 1430.

  2. It can automatically adjust the balance.

  3. It provides users with the benefit of having many characteristics of broad applicability.

  4. Low temperatures allow for prolonged working hours without system failure.

  5. It has a power of about 220V and 50HZ.

  6. The lab centrifuge is small, lightweight, and has a large capacity that can support the necessary operations for an organization.

  7. 800D round centrifuge is built in a manner that it can allow for noise reduction

  8. It also provides features for critical air resistance, especially in cases of vaccine manufacturing

  9. Since the device's operation allows for accurate graduation, the operator can change sample measurements. This is to suit the needs of the intended use, such as the qualitative analysis of bodily fluids like blood plasma or the manufacture of vaccines.

  10. The 800D Round Electric Centrifuge also has an adjustable speed that ranges from 0 – 4000 rpm.

  11. It also has a rotating knob that promotes timing function and makes it easy to operate.

Where can this product be used?

    • Biological systems
    • Chemical-oriented operations
    • Pharmaceutical organizations
    • Research and education departments for education purposes
    • Production departments

How to use 800D Round Electric Centrifuge

The operator is responsible for setting up a stable, balanced centrifuge workspace on a table. The table and its surroundings ought to be as tidy and spotless as you can make them. To promote proper air circulation, the space should be kept dry and well-ventilated.

Additionally, it must be kept at an ST132-appropriate ambient temperature. Before the centrifuge rotor is completely cleaned, the operator should open it. The centrifuge lid should then be kept as close to the test tube as feasible for quicker covering in order to prevent any unneeded contamination of the procedure.

The operator should then change the speed by turning the knob in accordance with the instructions for the sample being tested or the product being created once this accuracy has been attained.

The operator should practice a high-speed start as the procedure goes on.

Ways of maintaining the 800D Round Electric Centrifuge

The first thing that should be done after using a device is to switch off the power. This is essential since it guarantees the operator's security while carrying out the required tasks

Additionally, cleaning it before storing it to wait for later usage is advised by the manufacturers.

The centrifuge should be rotated around to wipe the cavity after a thorough cleaning. The centrifuge lid should then be placed on top to keep dirt and other impurities from entering.

The centrifuge can deteriorate after more than 3000 hours of usage, just like any other product. Manufacturers advise replacing the commutator after this amount of time to prevent the commutator from wearing out.

This implies that centrifuge equipment may become worn down, particularly after prolonged use, such as continuous use for a year.

Once concerns like product malfunction, failure, or encounter troubles arise, it is necessary to take things into consideration through replacement or serving.

As an alternative, it's essential to provide ongoing maintenance throughout the year to prevent such failures.

Summary & How to Own This Centrifuge Machine

Generally speaking, enterprises looking for a product with long-term consistent performance may consider the 800D Round Electric Centrifuge.

Despite its diminutive size and circular shape, it aids users in achieving their main objectives. It is amazing how little volume is required while still ensuring that the intended function is carried out completely.

Users can maintain the gadget as admirably and cleanly as possible, eliminating the danger of contamination, by cleaning it as needed. It has an added advantage for maintenance because of its tiny size. Operators can automatically alter the speed as needed.

Additionally, the apparatus maintains a low temperature, allowing for uninterrupted operation for as long as the operator requires. It is a sturdy and attractive product. Hospitals, pharmacies, and educational establishments are just a few of the locations it can be employed.

Because it can perform activities with a high level of efficiency, the majority of users favor this product.


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