Biobase Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Biobase Chemistry Analyzer (POCT)


With continued technological advancement, it has become possible to develop products that make work more accessible in all fields, especially in the healthcare industry. A Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer is a machine designed to measure the concentration of specific electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, and metabolites.

It can also be used to analyze the concentration of drugs in the provided samples of body fluids such as serum, blood, urine, or plasma. In other words, automated biochemical analyzers can measure chemical components to determine cardiac enzymes, blood lipids, blood glucose, ions, kidney function, and even liver function.


Product key features

  • The product has a user-friendly system and is easy to use

  • Low water consumption rate, i.e., less than 20l a day

  • It has an automatic washing process already installed for sample and reagent vessel cleaning

  • Designed in a manner that it can detect any abnormal absorbance

  • Direct results reading on the product screen

  • It can work in combination with Windows OS depending on the latest version

  • It provides room for independent mixing procedures for the reagents and samples

  • It has an instant cooling system which is critical for temperature maintenance

  • Minimal sample volume is required

  • Easy to carry and accurate results


SMT-120 Chemistry Analyzer

This is a Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer model specifically designed for on-site testing and provision of cost-effective solutions. The model can be used in both small and medium-sized laboratory settings. The product is small in size and gives room for easy operation, allowing healthcare providers to perform routine clinical chemistry-related tests with high accuracy within 12 minutes. The SMT-120 Chemistry Analyzer functions by using patented single-use reagent discs. Each disc contains as many as 18 chemistry tests.



  1. Has an intelligent QC software

  2. Working condition; Humidity between 30% to 70% and Temperature between 10°C to 30°C

  3. Sample volume: 90 to 120 uL

  4. Power Supply Input is AC 220V, 50Hz

  5. Temperature is 37 ± 0.3°C

  6. Light Source is halogen tungsten lamp with 12V/20W

  7. Sample type is serum, plasma and anti-coagulation whole blood.

  8. The Testing Principle is transmission turbidimetry absorption spectroscopy.

  9. Has an inbuilt thermal printer

  10. Net Weight is 2 kg.

  11. Testing Time is 12 minutes per sample



  • User-friendly
  • Easy data management
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Fully automated features that allow for upgrading and fault diagnosis
  • Small, compact, and portable


How to use the SMT-120 Chemistry Analyzer?

Step 1: Sample addition

Step 2: Panel insertion

Step 3: Result reading


Who can use POCT?

Health care practitioners such as doctors can use this product to help gather more information regarding their patients. they do this by carrying out the necessary tests of their specific clients. The product gives such practitioners an added advantage as they can carry out tests as quickly as possible.


What factors can affect the product’s test results?

  • Incorrect collection methods
  • Operator’s effect on the results
  • Reagent cross-contamination
  • Quality of the reagent at the time of testing
  • Contamination of the sample, e.g., by jaundice, drugs, celiac disease, or hemolysis
  • The assay result may be affected by the sample.
  • Incorrect preservation methods, e.g., for the samples and reagents



With the development of products such as the Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer, benefits are experienced both by medical practitioners and their patients. For instance, this can help reduce the laboratory waiting hours for patients.

For unconscious patients, the product can help doctors to make the necessary decisions as soon as possible after receiving results.

Again, automated biochemical analyzers perform all the tasks once instructions are issued to the analyzers.

This reduces the chances of errors as much as possible and enhances accuracy, which is a critical requirement in healthcare settings.


Given the above factors that may lead to errors, the product’s test results can be erroneous. This demands that the operator must be careful to follow instructions as required.

Even though the key features of a fully automated biochemical analyzer show that it is a user-friendly product, this may indeed be both a benefit and a disadvantage.

For instance, it may be quicker, but it may not be easy to operate if an individual is not well trained.

In other words, there is a need to ensure proper training before medical practitioners can use automated biochemical analyzers.

They must understand how to interpret results from the analyzer. Failure to read the results appropriately can lead to errors or inaccurate results, affecting how a patient's case is handled.

Hence, before a medical practitioner can use an automated biochemical analyzer, it is essential to ensure that all the possible tests are at their fingertips.

Accuracy is not an issue when the product is used effectively, but incompetence and biases can taint the results.



Entirely Automated Biochemical Analyzers make work easier for health practitioners. The entire process comprises instructions that govern the outcome of the operation. Hence, the product operator must be aware of the machine's purpose and provide appropriate instructions.

For instance, the operator may be required to put the sample at a specific position before issuing an instruction.

A mistake in doing this may result in erroneous results, which can compromise the rest of the health provision process. However, the fact that there are no manual steps makes fully automated biochemical analyzers reliable and effective for use by health care providers.

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