Biobase Hematology Analyzer

Hematology test, a synonym for the complete blood count [CBC], is an essential process that constitutes daily examination in any clinical laboratory.

In recent times, technology has evolved abruptly and this evolution has shifted medical departments in a big way. Scientists have been looking for ways to make production easier in all areas and one of them has been modernizing laboratory equipment. Hematology analyzers carry out a number of tests such as white cells, full and complete blood count, coagulation tests, and reticulocyte analysis.

Modern analyzers have been upgraded to offer more features with integrated capabilities and reliable results. In addition to this, they are able to accommodate more samples and produce results within a short period of time.

There have been increasing health insurance costs which have caused a reduction in the national budget for medical healthcare. These conditions force medical institutions in developing countries to opt for cheaper options to do blood tests. Some are fairly good quality while others really can’t deliver.

Due to these factors, the Biobase company reviewed and came up with a solution to fit lab specialists with not just quality and affordable analyzers, but with reliable information for the patients. Hence, the different types of hematology analyzers are either semi-automated or fully automated. Made up of functions similar to the high-end costly CBC machines but still delivering authentic sample results.

At GM Medical, we have been supplying various hematology analyzers and received reviews from clients on these items. From this response, we have decided to narrow down on one brand that meets all these we pride ourselves in meeting the needs of medical specialists from both small-scale and large-scale medical institutions with effective and affordable equipment. Let’s have a look at some of the analyzers available and their various differences.

But first, let's understand factors to consider before buying a hematology analyzer. There are many brands in the market and knowing what factors to consider comes in handy while choosing.


Factors to consider while choosing a hematology analyzer include:

  • Product specifications
  • Database system
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • User-friendliness
  • Availability of reagents
  • Availability of accessories
  • Safety of the machine
  • Level of accuracy
  • CLSI compliance
  • Test capability requirements


Main Features:

  1. Biobase has a throughput of 60 samples per hour.

  2. It has an 8” touchscreen display.

  3. Use 2 reagents only, diluent or lyse.

  4. Supports LIS, barcode scanner, and external printer.

  5. Reagents are safe to use and not harmful to the environment.




Types of Semi and Fully Automated Hematology Analyzers

There are various types of Biobase 3 part (semi-automated) and 5 part (fully automated) hematology analyzers. They include;


 3 Part Hematology Analyzers.


1. BK-5000 Model


  • It  3 part differentiation of white blood cells
  • Has 21 parameters and 3 histograms(WBC, RBC, PLT).
  • Coulter principle colorimetry hemoglobin determination
  • Intelligent reagent management function.
  • Uses an external printer.
  • Input and output ports include RS232, keyboard, mouse, LAN, and 4 USB ports.
  • Power supply is AC 110/220V, 60/50Hz.
  • Gross weight is 25kgs

See Biobase 3 Parts Hematology Analyzer


2. BK-6190 Model

  • It has 20 parameters.
  • It is able to produce 100,000 sample results.
  • BK-6190 has an RS232 port, VGA, USB port with a LIS system available.
  • Uses impedance for cell counting and cyanide-free method for HGB.
  • Calibration is both manual and automated.
  • The counting modes include venous, capillary, and prediluted mode.
  • Precision CV is <2.0%
  • Gross weight is 27kgs.


3. BK-6000 Model

  • Fully automatic and easy to operate.
  • Has an automatic standby and wake-up function.
  • 22 parameters and 3 part differential of WBC.
  • Can store up to 5,000 sample results including histograms.
  • Has a built-in thermal printer.
  • The measuring principle is elector-impedance and photometric analysis.
  • Input and output include one RS232, 1 PS2, 1 USB, 1 keyboard, LIS system available.
  • Testing items include; WBC, LY, RBC, HGB, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, MPV, PCT, PDW, HCT, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, MO, GR.


4. BK-6100 Model

  • 22 parameters with 3 part differential of white blood cells.
  • It comes with clog prevention and maintenance functions.
  • Carry-over protection by automatic probe interior and exterior washing.
  • Has both prediluted and whole blood test modes.
  • Automatic warning and self-checking function.
  • Measuring principle is elector-impedance and photometric analysis.
  • The storage capacity can hold 200,000 results. This includes histograms.
  • The printer is a built-in printer.
  • Output ports include one RS232, 1 PS2, 2 USB ports, and a LIS system available.
  • Gross weight is 38kgs.



Hematology is a basic requirement in any medical institution and operates on a daily basis. Being a crucial part of getting samples that determine diagnosis, it’s important to have one that is of good quality and effective storage capacity.

GM Medical understands these factors and that’s why we give warranties for the equipment to place assurance to the client. In addition to that, we are located in Nairobi city hence a client can visit our shops and have a look at the analyzers before purchasing.

A biomedical engineer that offers servicing for these machines after a while is another way of having buyers use the Biobase hematology analyzers with confidence. And finally, offering them at budget-friendly prices which include installation ensures that they are accessible to both start-up clinics and large-scale hospitals within the country and around the regional borders.




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