Biochemistry Analyzer Available in Kenya

The chemistry analyzer is a microcomputer-based diagnostic instrument. It is used in the laboratory to do clinical tests, in-vitro diagnosis, research, and hospital use while uniting optics, mechanics, and automation control.


Biobase Semi-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

This analyzer is among the top automated clinical chemistry analyzers globally. With advanced features such as LIS software and a USB port that allows computer connection, the machine is easy to use and offers high precision for test results.


  • Biobase has 20 incubating positions
  • It is easy to use since it has one operation button.
  • Biobase analyzer can be connected to a  computer.
  •  It has a large storage capacity of up to 200 test programs
  • Comes with excellent quality control (QC) function & chats, which can be stored and printed.
  • It is advanced such that real-time graphs can be displayed and even printed.
  • Three temperature levels that can be selected inflow cell and incubating. 25°C, 30°C, and 37°C R.T.
  • The display is a touch screen.
  • The printer is built-in and thermal.
  • Biobase chem analyzer weighs 12kgs.
  • Reading cuvette is through the cell and direct reading cuvette as well.
  • Has 7 filter wavelengths and 9 open filter positions which can be increased upon request.


Sinnowa Biochemistry Analyzer - BS - 3000M


  • It is semi-automated.
  • It stores over 200 programs
  • The samples are over 1000 tests
  • Sinnowa biochem analyzer comes with an inbuilt printer
  • The analyzer uses cuvettes.


Mindray Biochemistry Analyzer


  • It uses whole blood for tests
  • Uses refrigerated reagents and sample compartment
  • The test ranges between 200-400 tests per hour
  • Minimal reagent volume 100ul
  • Advanced to an extent it has an automatic probe cleaning liquid level detection and collision.


Zybio Biochemistry Analyzer


  • Sample capacity with 40 positions
  • Uses liquid type reagents
  • Realtime control
  • Has a touchscreen
  • Ensures reliable and traceable results
  • Works with over 100 reagents


At GM Medical, we focus on high-quality, top-rated equipment to meet customer needs both in functionality and budget-wise.

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