5 Liter & 10 Liter Concentrators

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

At GM Medical, you will find different types and brands of stationary oxygen concentrators ready for delivery anywhere in Kenya.

The commonest types of oxygen concentrators are:

5 Liter Single Flow Oxygen Concentrators

These are the commonest for most use cases, especially at home. They provide up to 95% medical grade oxygen up to 5 Liters per minute.

10 Liter Single Flow Oxygen Concentrators

Anything more than 5 liters per minute is likely going to be used in a skilled medical facility like a nursing home or a clinic.

Oxygen flow of more than 5 liters/Minute also requires either a venti-mask or a non-rebreather mask.

10 Liters Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrators

These are most preferred by clinics and nursing homes as they can serve two beds at the same time. It is recommended that each clinic or a nursing home stock a couple of these in case of high oxygen demand situations.

Let us know your needs and we will give you a customized plan and prices for your needs. We also have special prices for healthcare facilities and medical equipment sale agents.

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