Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer


The fully automated coagulation analyzer is a product that has been manufactured to enhance testing and measurement technology. One of the remarkable features of this product is that it is durable and provides reliable performance. Models such as the SF-8050 have unique specifications depending on their manufacturer. The SF-8050 model is fully automated, giving a throughput of up to 200 tests per hour. The instrument is primarily used for carrying out a clotting test.

It can also be for clinical testing and performing pre-operative screening. The product uses clotting and immunoturbidimetry methods to carry out plasma clotting. Past clotting tests have proved that clinicians must exercise patience before obtaining results. However, this product enables clinical testing to show the clotting measurement value within seconds. The development comprises a heating and cooling unit, cleaning unit, test unit, sampling probe movable unit, operation-displayed unit, and even a cuvettes movable unit.


Product Features

  • RS232 interface, which is used for printer and transfer of data into the computer

  • Installed speed of 200T/H

  • 30 sample spaces

  • Adjustable emergency test area

  • 6 test positions and 16 reagent positions

  • A repeatability of CV (specimen) =<3.0%

  • The sample volume can range between 10ul and 250ul

  • Mechanical clotting, immune turbidimetry, chromogenic method

  • Weight of up to 45kgs

  • Dimension: (length by weight by height in mm is 560*700*540 respectively

  • The product offers a margin error of ±2μL

  • There are ten incubation areas

  • The product also has an automatic storage function

  • Cleaning unit for maintenance of the equipment

  • Heating and cooling unit for temperature control

  • Operation-displayed unit- it allows the operator to give instructions to the instruments depending on the needs of the test


The principle behind the fully automated Coagulation Analyzer

The product uses the code to measure the variation in the amplitude of the ball oscillation. When there is a drop in amplitude, this is confirmation of an increase in the viscosity of the medium. The product is designed in a manner that it can determine the clotting time by use of the ball's motion.


Specifications of the fully automated coagulation analyzer

While purchasing any automated coagulation analyzer, it is wise to focus on the product features to determine the best possible product. Every manufacturer is persuaded by a specific goal to design their product. As a result, buying the SF-8050 model should be guided by the ultimate goal and use of the product. One of the advantages of this product is that it can be used both on a large scale and small scale. Therefore, an organization should purchase a product that can be used in various situations like the SF-8050 model than buying a brand that is limited by the number of tests it can carry out within a specified period.

The coagulation analyzer also has a low maintenance cost, making it easy for operators to achieve their ultimate goal. This is because, during its manufacture, it is installed with a cleaning unit and a cooling and heating unit, which make it possible to maintain the product without using much force or time. Some automated coagulation analyzers are equipped with a detector that can ensure the implementation of at least four unique detection methods, including immunoturbidimetry, aggregation, chromogenic substrate, and coagulation testing.

As a result, products such as the SF-8050 model can handle a wide range of analyses of parameters. The analysis parameters include prothrombin time (PT), Fibrinogen (Fbg), Fibrin monomer (FM), D-Dimer, coagulation factor XIII(FXIII), and intrinsic coagulation factors such as VIII, IX, XI, and XII.

The detection method

The product's detection method allows it to sense through the four different parameters. This detection method avoids the influence of physiological interference of factors such as lipemia. This is an added advantage as it makes the product better than conventional optical analyzers. The multi-wavelength detection system is one of the strengths of this product as it also helps expand the list of parameters.


Product functions

The fully automated coagulation analyzer can perform several functions, including:

  • Chromogenic tests
  • Immunologic testing
  • Screening of illnesses
  • Specialty and user-defined testing

At the same time, the product gives room for the consolidation of both routine reagents and specialty reagents onto one fully automated analyzer.



The product delivers accurate and precise results within a short time. Results are obtained without delay if the product is maintained as required to keep it in stable working condition. Various samples, reagents, and even testing positions make it easy for the operator to carry out many tests simultaneously. For instance, it can provide a throughput of 200 tests within one hour. This insinuates that the product can be relied upon in cases where time is a factor. It is also a critical product to use when there is a need for mass screening or testing. Generally, it is a durable and reliable product that provides high-quality performance and results. However, it is essential to note that its effectiveness can also depend on the operator's instructions.

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