Dental Chair Suite Gnatus S500

Gnatus S500

Every dental unit requires a special chair that can help the dentist meet the patient's needs without necessarily putting them through a struggle. Over the years, dental chairs have evolved in a manner that enhanced their features and made work easier for dentists while improving the patient's experience. Manufacturers have advanced from making specialized yet straightforward dental chairs to highly advanced chairs with automatic adjustments and LED lights. Such dental chairs also provide exceptional back support and are designed in a way that allows the dentist to optimize positioning and maneuverability. Gnatus S500 Full Dental Chair Suite is among the most advanced versions. The design and comfortability of this chair ensure an outstanding performance when providing dental services.


Parts of Gnatus S500 Dental Unit

There are major parts of a full dental chair suite, including:

Backrest - Every patient undergoing a dental check-up requires appropriate back support to allow the dentist to have a clear view of the patient's mouth. For this purpose, the Gnatus model backrest should not be too wide to enhance correct positioning to make specific procedures easy and comfortable.

Chair dimension - It is essential to consider this chair part as it determines how well it fits the clinic's interior layout.

Headrest - It ensures improved comfort for the dentist and his patient. This model has a removable headrest, making it appropriate for adults and children. The headrest can be removed when offering dental services to children because they are too small to reach when lying down. The Gnats model also offers a double articulated headrest which is useful for providing a full range of articulation. As a result, the dentist's visibility to areas such as the third and second maxillary molars is easy. When using this model, one can extend the headrest to offer maximum comfort if dealing with exceptionally tall patients. The model also has a headrest that ensures maximum mobility, covering all cases.

Dental chair upholstery - This part has an aesthetic element that adds to the functional benefits of the dental chair. The materials that Gnatus use to make this part include leather, rexine, and polyurethane. For this model, polyurethane is used since the repair costs for leather are too high. Even though repairing rexine is affordable, the kind of comfort it offers is not the best.


  • The availability of left-handed dentistry makes it the most accessible.

  • Bio-Technology disinfection system to clean the tubing with liquid bactericide, which enhances the life of the tubing.

  • The right arm automatically moves down when the chair is in the zero position, supporting the patient's curve and ensuring total comfort.

  • Memory foam couch upholstery that is stitched, supporting the patient's curve.

  • When mentioning the top dental chair brand, Gnatus is backed by some outstanding attributes like zero backache stools for spine support throughout lengthy dental treatments.

  • For maximum patient comfort, the Trendelenburg posture and synchronized chair motion can be achieved.

  • The Gnatus chair has newly created Bosch motors for jerk-free and smooth motion.

  • Safety - When you purchase a dental chair, you also assume responsibility for the patient's safety. Anti-crushing device to avoid breaking and damage to any obstacle that may occur during Chair movement. Emergency switch that prevents the chair from being blocked in motion to avoid accidents.

  • Hands-free operation & hygiene maintenance during dental operations with Philips 5 LED Dental light & proximity sensor

Gnatus S500 dental chair delivery unit

The chair has an overhead unit with a newly designed Pneumatic arm, 3-way syringe, scaler or micromotor, and a three-air rotor point. Gnatus S500 adds one more delivery unit depending on the patient's need.

LED Light

  • Philips 5LED Sensor Light has an intensity range of 15,000–35,000 Lux.
  • LED light with the hands-free sensor makes the three degrees of light intensity adjustable.
  • LED lights are regulated by foot or hand controls to maintain hygiene.
  • Handles that are autoclavable and 60° adjustable.

Foot Control

  • Integrated JOYSTICK for simple operation & dental chair movement controls in the foot control.
  • Auto return to zero position and three customized routines.
  • Activation (on/off) of the dental light during surgery to allow for hands-free operation
  • Available emergency switch

Water unit

  • Spittoon that is easily washable and removable.
  • Spittoon may be rotated 90°.
  • Auto-spittoon water management via proximity sensor.
  • Three-way syringe and a high and low vacuum suction are incorporated into the assistant sidearm.
  • The controls for the dental chair's movements, the spittoon control, and the cup filler are located on the assistant's sidearm.


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