Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale in Kenya

The analyzer is a fully automated machine makes quantitative measurements of electrolyte in either the plasma, urine, serum or whole blood in the human body. It consists of an electrode module, a sample probe, reagents or a peristaltic pump.


  • Has a thoroughput of 60 tests per hour

  • The display is a colored 7” LCD touchscreen

  • Humidity levels less than 70%

  • Storage of 8000 test results

  • Comes with an in-built thermal printer

  • Has a Microprocessor Controlled operating system

  • Uses Cal A, Cal B and Waste reagent packs

  • The quality control is in three levels and L-J plots

  • The analyzer has a user-friendly design that helps with review of data results

  • Fast processor that enables rapid access to menus

  • Uses serum and urine samples

  • Sample volume is 65uL, 100uL or 140uL

  • Has alerts for real-time messages and automatic operations

  • optional barcode reader and autosampler with 21 positions

  • 40 seconds for Normal, 35 seconds for Faster and 30 seconds for Fastest test time

  • Uses ISE automatic and QC correction automatic calibration

  • Has three languages; Spanish, English and Russian

  • Power supply; 110VA, 50/60Hz or 110V-240V

  • RS-232 Interface

  • Functions by use of Direct Ion Selective Electrode

  • Weight capacity of 9.5 kg

  • Temperature ranges between 10 and 30 degrees celcius

  • Size of the machine is 43.8 cm by 27.9 cm by 36.8 cms



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