At GM-Medical, we carry respiratory medical equipment like CPAP machines, portable oxygen concentrators, BIPAP machines, Anaesthesia machines, and critical care ventilators at affordable prices.

Our success as the cheapest source of respiratory medical equipment is attributed to our detailed focus on patient user experience and comfort. Let us solve all your medical equipment needs at a price you can afford.

We have segmented respiratory equipment in two sections to better serve your needs. We have patients (consumer) respiratory equipment and hospital type.

Home Use Respiratory Medical Equipment

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Just like mobile phones, portable oxygen concentrators are the latest technology for oxygen therapy users. They come in small, lightweight and affordable portable oxygen solution in a compact and mobile unit. Portable oxygen concentrators vary in weight, size, oxygen flow settings, liters per minute and battery life.

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Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

Home stationary oxygen concentrators are solely intended for use inside your home. Home concentrator machines are quiet, durable, and reliable source of medical grade oxygen up to 95% purity. Stationary oxygen concentrators are fully powered from a wall outlet, so there are no batteries to charge or replace.

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CPAP Machine Kenya

CPAP Machines

CPAP Machines are medical devices that provide a fixed amount of pressurized air used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, sleep-disordered breathing, and snoring.

We carry many different types of CPAP machines to choose from. From a basic CPAP machine to advanced Auto-CPAP, all of which offer various comfort features and functionality.

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Respiratory Supplies

Whether you are looking for CPAP masks, nasal cannula, venti-masks or non-rebreather masks, GM medical has what you are looking for ar an affordable price.

We supply medical equipment and supplies to patients and hospitals in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ruanda and all countries in Eastern Africa. Let us help you breathe better.

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Hospital Respiratory Equipment

ICU Ventilator Machines

Critical Care Ventilator Machines

GM Medical offers new and professionally USA-refurbished respiratory ventilators from leading industry brands. Our selection contains respiratory ventilator machines for any medical setting, including clinics, hospitals, durable transport respiratory ventilators for ambulances and units for ICU and NICU environments.

Let us help you navigate through medical equipment technicalities in equipping your healthcare facility. We are here to serve you.

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Anaesthesia Machines

GM Medical has been providing medical facilities & hospitals in Kenya & East Africa with the anesthesia machines they need to best treat their patients. We can provide you with a wide variety of anesthesia Machines, including portable field units, Clinic-based machines, and advanced hospital operating room anesthesia systems.

We also can provide you with Cost-effective USA certified refurbished top brand anesthesia machines like Datex Ohmeda, GE and other top brands.

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Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

With our diverse network of medical equipment manufacturers, distributors all over the world and a robust logistics framework, we can help you get virtually any medical equipment at the lowest price possible.

From professionally refurbished machines, used medical equipment to brand new respiratory equipment, GM-Medical got you covered.

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