Foldable Toilet Safety Rail

Medline Toilet Aluminium Frame


Foldable toilet safety rail is a device that makes it easier and safer for users with back pain, arthritis or even old age that weakens muscles. The toilet rail is a more comfortable way to get up and even down from the toilet.  They help the user feel secure and confident while seating or standing on the toilet.

Medline toilet safety rails are strong enough to handle heavy body weights and are installed easily by attaching the frames to the seat. The frame is made of aluminium and has five pieces and one of them is placed under the two toilet seat bolts. Each arm of the frame attaches separately to the piece.

Most of the users are either; seniors/the elderly, or those with arthritis because of the excruciating joint pain while bending, or even back pain. It limits them from falling and so they provide stability, balance and strength.

The Medline toilet safety bracket is one of the most common safety rail used in Kenya.



  1. Weight capacity is 115kgs

  2. Dimensions of the frame are 29x19x2.5 inches.

  3. The overall depth is arm 16.75, leg 12”

  4. It is easy to install by using existing seat bolts.

  5. Lightweight frame which is durable and corrosion-resistant.

  6. The handles are padded and this provides comfort and a secure grip for the user.

  7. The padded handles can rotate back as  well as be cleaned easily using disinfectant wipe.

  8. Height is adjustable from the legs. Dimensions are 26 “ to 31”

  9. Adjustable width. The dimensions are 8” to 24”

  10. Waterfall armrests are there to provide added comfort

  11. The rail is nylon-coated, steel brackets are used to attach the unit safely to the toilet.



Choosing The Right Toilet Safety Rail to Purchase

Customer reviews on social platforms sharing positive response.

Installation. When joining parts of the toilet safety rail, ensure there are seat bolts for safety.

Quality. The materials used to make the product are of high quality material and ensure safety and durability of the products.

Compliance of the safety rail with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) specifications.

Comfort. Toilet safety rails that have padded handles, strong bases and can berated easily.



1. Can you remove the safety rail for other people to use the facilities without it?

Yes, you can remove the rails because they are not permanently screwed to the toilet seat.

2. Can the Medline aluminium frame slip off when a heavier person uses it?

No, it’s sturdy. It can’t slip off and cause the user to fall because of the rubber feet that helps it stay in place.

3. Does the toilet safety frame come with instructions on how to install?

Yes. The safety rails have a manual with pictures illustrating installation. We also have additional videos on our social media platforms to guide further.

4. What material is the Medline safety rail made from?

The foldable toilet safety frame is made of aluminium which is strong and durable.

5. Does the safety rail comply with the ADA considerations?

Sure. The toilet aluminium frame meets the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.



The Medline sturdy toilet rail has been used over the years globally and stands out as a top aluminium frame. The easy to grasp handles that are padded make the user have confidence while holding them for support. You do not have to worry about wobbly unstable frames because it has nonslip rubber pads holding the feet.

Always buy rehab equipment from trusted brands which provide you with information that can help you improve your livelihood while using their products. You can also consult a physician to guide you on the best toilet seat support in line with your needs.

For more information, you can reach us on our email or call/whatsapp us on +254722932625 today.

At GM Medical, we got you covered!


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