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ARI AI-3 Infant Incubator

Infant incubators are designed with an advanced neonatal intensive care unit temperature regulation system. Ultrasonic humidifiers provide the right temperature and comfortable airflow inside the incubator. The adjustable humidity range from 40% to 80% provides a suitable patient incubation environment. Double wall chamber design prevents heat and humidity loss. Infant incubators can play a preventive role in preventing infectious diseases in preterm newborns and promote the growth and development of preterm infants.

In today's world, infant incubators are a must-have in any hospital as they help take care of children born before completing the actual nine months in their mother's womb. The incubator creates an environment that mimics a uterus and supports the child until they can withstand the general environment considered harsh to them.

Who needs an ARI AI-3 Infant Incubator?

  • Babies born prematurely – This is the common use for the AI-3 incubator since infants may require more time to develop their lungs and other vital organs. For instance, the eardrums and eyes of babies are highly sensitive, so normal light and sound can lead to permanent damage. The AI-3 infant incubator eliminates such worries and helps care providers to offer maximum help to the infant and their parents.
  • Babies with breathing issues – it should be noted that sometimes a child may need incubator services not because they were born premature but because of complications that may cause breathing problems. Such babies may have meconium or unnecessary fluid in their lungs, making it difficult for them to breathe normally. The incubator is critical to support the child as they get monitored to prevent infections from occurring.
  • Infection – due to germs or other contaminants


Product Description

  • Two Temperature Control Modes: Air Mode and Baby Mode, Controlled by Micro-Co

  • Use A.C. Power and D.C. Power Alternatively, DC 12V Or DC 24V Power on The

  • Set Temperature, Air Temperature, Baby Temperature and Internal Battery Voltage Can Be Displayed Separately.

  • Failure Alarm

  • Can Be Equipped with >37°C Temperature Set

  • Double Wall Acrylic Glass Hood with Side Door So That the Bassinet Can Be Pulled Out.

  • Natural Air Flow Humidity.

  • The Height of the Whole Unit Can Be Adjusted.

  • Oxygen Supply

  • Observation


  • Resolution for oxygen displays: 1%
  • The range for controlling humidity: is 30%–95% R


  • Full-scale oxygen display accuracy: 2%
  • Operating time for humidity control without refilling: 24 hours
  • Range of oxygen control: 21% to 65%
  • Accuracy of the oxygen control (100% calibration): 3%
  • 1500 ml humidity control reservoir capacity
  • Accuracy of the humidity display: 5%RH
  • Accuracy of humidity control: 5% R.H.
  • Oxygen Servo (Optional)
  • Accuracy of oxygen control (21% calibration): 5%


  • Certifications: C.E., ISO1485
  • Size(L*W*H):50*645*(1250-11450) mm
  • AC Power Supply: AC220V-230V, 50Hz.
  • D.C. Power Supply: DC12V/10A or DC24V/6A.
  • Input Power:
  • Mode Of Control: air mode and baby mode are controlled by a microcomputer.
  • Control range of air temperature: 25°C-37°C (Override Mode 37°C-38°C).
  • Control range of baby temperature: 34°C-37°C (Override Mode 37°C-37.5°C).
  • Accuracy Of Skin Temperature Sensor:  3°C.
  • Variability of temperature: 0 0C.
  • Uniformity of temperature: 1.5°C.
  • The noise inside the hood: 60db(A).
  • Failure alarm: Alarms: fan alarm, sensor alarm, water shortage alarm, deviation alarm, tank placement error alarm, power failure alarm, overtemperature alarm, temperature heating system failure
  • Running time of internal battery: 90min. (1 Internal Battery)
  • An 8.4" LCD screen
  • Temperature surveillance
  • Servo temperature control 3
  • Monitoring the humidity
  • Humidity Servo Control
  • There are two mechanisms for controlling body temperature and air temperature.
  • A 12-degree mattress tilt
  • A handle with the ideal height and an ergonomic design
  • The trend for two, four, eight, twelve, twenty-four, and seven days
  • Double walls in the front and back and an air curtain
  • . Large Drawers (28.0cm x 24.7cm x 36.0cm)
  • Small Drawers (28 cm x 11 cm x 36 cm) *2.
  • Auxiliary Power Output*3

Standard Configuration

  • Main Body (Including the Acrylic Glass Hood, Temperature Controller, Bassinet, Internal Battery, And Observation Lamp).
  • Oxygen Cylinders Oxygen Supply System,
  • V.Pole (Adjustable Stand).
  • Mattress,
  • Optional Configuration: >37°C Override Temperature
  • LCD
  • Double control modes of bed temperature and skin temperature
  • Double-layer thermostatic cover, automatic air curtain device
  • Humidity control function


Infant Radiant Warmer is one of the important pieces of equipment used in medical institutions. It is a new design, through excellent processing technology and high-quality raw materials, to ensure the performance of the Infant Incubator up to a higher standard. It is perfect for every detail of the Infant Incubator and guarantees the quality to bring the perfect product experience. Temperature controls on a baby incubator can be manually or automatically based on your baby's temperature. Baby incubators also act as humidifiers. This helps keep your baby from having skin problems.


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