Infusion Pump Available in Kenya

Infusion Pump


4.3” Color touch TFT display screen with text and image

Automatic and manual bolus

8 infusion modes

Weight: 1.4 kgs

Double CPU

Infusion accuracy ±5%

12 Occlusion levels

Standard accessory, uploaded handle

Double (up and down) pressure sensors

Optional double air bubble sensor to reassure infusion safety

Open system and optional close system

High waterproof level IP34

Multiple Infusion Modes; Rate, Time, Bodyweight, Drip, Loading-dose, Ramp up/down, Drug Library, Sequence Mode

Up to 9 hours battery life

Dynamic pressure system

Drug error reduction system

Large history records and drug library storage

Linear peristalsis infusion theory

Programmable and support change rate during infusion

Inter-lockable and free combination between syringe pump and infusion pump

Full alarm system to make infusion safer

Widely used in general wards, ICU, CCU, and OR together with ventilator and patient monitor

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