Fully Computerized Integrated Dental Chair Unit

Comprehensive Integrated Dental Unit Technical Parameters

  • Input power 800VA

  • Power supply AC 220V±

  • Frequency 50Hz

  • Input air pressure 0.55 ∼ 0.6MPa

  • Input water pressure 0.2 ∼ 0.4MPa

  • Gargling water temperature 45±5

  • Dental chair’s loading time ≤15 minutes

  • Blown fuse specifications: main power supply FR1-20  ɸ5x20 5A

  • Max. Rev of the high-speed handset: 350000-400000r/min

  • Max. Output torque ≥10g.cm (Air pressure 0.3MPa)



Controller of the electric motor

Noiseless motor chair

X-film viewer

Chair unit for the dentist

External water supply bottle

Foot controller

Cup filler with timed functionality

Halogen lamp for operations

90° ceramic spitton

Injector for saliva collection with high and low suction mode

Assistant controller


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