Manual Delivery Bed

HO-09 Delivery Bed

Manual medical beds can be adjusted for height, head, and foot using hand cranks. Various bed settings are available to accommodate patient demands. These beds offer long-term care at a reasonable price. It is a strong metal frame that has been epoxy powder electrostatically painted. The head and foot parts can be raised in a manual hospital bed by turning hand cranks. As a result, the patient is feeling more at ease than ever.

In addition to being more adaptable than fully or partially electronic beds, manual beds also have a lower failure rate and maintenance burden. The HO-09 Manual Delivery Bed is also well-liked in hospitals because of its comfort and simplicity. A manual hospital bed is an attractive option for patients who need a bed that is both comfortable and easy to use. Electric beds should be taken into consideration by those who are unable to utilize them or who find them uncomfortable.

Product Description

  • Fully adjustable legs

  • Three single drives

  • One control unit

  • One patient handset

  • A mattress with a cover that can be removed

  • Labor hand grips

  • A built-in leg section that can be positioned conveniently beneath the bed's surface.


  • 12° Trendelenburg
  • 380 mm in range
  • 70° in the back
  • Minimum height: 520–540 mm

Principal characteristics:

  • A stainless steel tubular table frame
  • Fixed bases with plastic feet for protection
  • Three independently adjustable pieces.
  • The bed's top is made of high-density polyurethane foam and is coated with waterproof, flame-resistant washable imitation leather.
  • 40mm mattress thickness
  • One pair of handgrips and one pair of adjustable knee supports
  • With a sliding S.S. bowl that is 28 cm
  • 150 kg of load bearing
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Optional: Plastic feet with adjustable height

Unique Mattress

Today's market offers a wide variety of unique mattress types. They are made to offer various advantages to various people. For instance, particular unique mattresses are made to assist those who suffer from back problems. Others are made to support those who are overweight or struggling with various medical conditions. Others, however, are made to make sleeping more comfortable. There is a unique mattress out there that can help you get a better night's sleep, no matter what your demands are.

This has been proved accurate by HO-09 Manual Delivery Bed, whose mattress has been designed to the needs of pregnant women in labor and their care provider. It goes beyond the care provider to the cleaners. This mattress uses materials that prevent amniotic fluid or blood absorption, which may be experienced during delivery. It behaves like the floor of a house, making it possible to be cleaned when necessary.

Why should every manual delivery bed be adjustable?

Hospital bed purchasing should be adequately thought out. The ability to change its height is one of the most crucial elements to consider because it can significantly improve the lives of your caretakers. It has several benefits, not the least of which is that it helps ease the patient's sleep and relieve the care provider's back pain during delivery. The HO-09 Manual Delivery Bed can also be used to change the height, which is particularly helpful for taller persons or those with disabilities that make it difficult to stand up from a seated posture.

Importance of the HO-09 Manual Delivery Bed

  • The capacity to change one's head and feet

Modifying the elevation of the head or feet will make the patient feel more leisurely, particularly for individuals with back problems, respiratory difficulties, or movement concerns.

  • Two side rails

The HO-09 Manual Delivery Bed with side rails is foldable. Adding side rails to a bed primarily prevents the patient from unintentionally rolling out of bed. Additionally, rails give the patient something to hold onto when getting into or out of bed, which is especially helpful for patients who have trouble getting in and out on their own.

  • A height-adjustable bed

The option to alter the bed's general height gives the caregiver flexibility. Patients with difficulty sitting down from a standing posture also benefit by having the bed's general height adjustable.

Majority of hospital delivery beds are shipped with assembling instructions. However, you can always ask a doctor or a hospital staff member for assistance if you need it. Identifying every component that comes with the bed must be done initially. Once you have all the components, you may assemble the bed. Typically, the bed frame is the first component that needs to be put together. You can put the mattress and sheets in once the frame is put together.

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