Manual Suction Machine


A suction machine is a medical equipment that is used for removing obstructions from the body such as secretions, saliva, blood, or mucus. It is also known as an aspirator. There are different types of suctioning including oropharyngeal, oral, nasal, nasopharyngeal, and deep suctioning. Secretions are produced in the nose, in the mouth, or the windpipe in clear or white form.

Let's briefly discuss suctioning types.
Firstly, oral suctioning. This is the removal of excess secretions from the mouth. It is done using a hard plastic tube with a handle especially for children who are drooling because they cannot swallow or they have a weak cough.
Secondly, nasal suctioning. This process a catheter is passed into the nostril to be able to secret anything blocking the nasal passage.

Thirdly, oropharyngeal suctioning. This is where secretion is done on the throat by using a thin clear tube or a catheter, inserting it through the mouth and to the back of the throat. It helps when the secretions are at the back of the throat and cannot be removed by the person.
Last but not the least, nasopharyngeal suctioning. This procedure also uses a catheter to remove secretions from the throat by passing the soft plastic tube through the nose to the throat.


Manual/Foot-Operated Suction Machine 

Single Bottle Suction Machine

Used in small clinics, ICUs, gynaec units, paediatric units among other departments.


  • Comes with an aluminium carrying handle

  • The suction tubing is non-collapsible

  • ABS plastic piston pump

  • Has a high vacuum and low flow

  • The metal components and made of high chrome

  • Powder coated heavy MS base

  • 1500ml polycarbonate jar with ABS lid

  • Operating noise is low and less than 65db

  • The suction rate is 200ml per stroke which is 600mm/Hg

  • Weight capacity is 3 kg

  • Tubing is 8 mm by 2 meters.

  • Product dimension: 25 x 20 x 20 cm

  • Uses mechanical method for overflow safety

  • The bacterial filter is reusable or autoclavable

  • Maximum negative pressure is controlled by the regulator which ranges from 0.02MPa ~ limit.

Double Bottle Suction Machine

It is suitable for phlegm and thick fluid suctioning during surgeries. It is suitable for phlegm and thick fluid suctioning during surgeries. Being a portable unit, it is safe and dependable.

The suction unit is used in hospitals, ambulances or nursing homes during oropharyngeal or surgeries.


  • The 2 bottle aspirator consists of a bourdon type gauge with a silicon tubing.

  • Pump rate is ≥20 litres per minute

  • The bottle volume is 2500 ml for 2 pcs.

  • Power consumption: 110VA

  • Main voltage: 230 V~ and frequency 50Hz

  • Maximum flow without jar: 40 L/Minute

  • Net weight : 6.2 kg

  • It is easy to carry and move, as it comes in a compact size.

  • It also has a bacterial filter and one litre of polycarbonate collection jar.



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