Jay 5 Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow

All individuals need oxygen to survive. Many chronic diseases affect people and force them to need oxygen support. For this reason, oxygen concentrators are becoming more critical in any healthcare setting. Different health conditions can cause the oxygen levels in the body to drop. Such conditions include the flu, lung cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and viruses such as the covid-19. These conditions may require oxygen concentrators, depending on the severity.

If you're utilizing an oxygen concentrator:

  • To lessen the likelihood of a device failure due to overheating, put the concentrator in an open area.
  • Never use an oxygen concentrator or any oxygen-related device next to an open flame or while smoking.
  • Check your device periodically to see if any alarms are going off and ensure you get adequate oxygen.
  • Avoid blocking any vents on the concentrator because that could affect how well the gadget works.


  • Easy-to-read LCD and straightforward operation features
  • Patients with pulmonary fibrosis benefit more from medical-grade oxygen with a concentration of 90%.
  • Using HBOC quickly and efficiently raises the patients' SPO2
  • A 6 PSI pressure relief value humidifier bottle that is safer and more comfortable
  • When connected to HFNC, oxygen has a stable high concentration, making it more pleasant.
  • New cooling technique to ensure continuous functioning
  • Four movable castors with two brakes can be positioned in any direction, making it safer and more practical to move around.


  • Purity: 93%3%, flow rate: 0–5 L/min

  • Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.07 (Mpa) Sound intensity (dB): 50

  • AC220V 10%, 50/60 Hz 1Hz power;

  • Energy or power: 480W

  • Timer: accruing time; current time

  • Alarm: High & Low pressure, High Temperature, Power Failure

  • Weight, net:  kg

  • Size: 365 x 375 x 600 millimetres

Product details

  • The minimum order quantity is one piece
  • The operational mode is electrical
  • the capacity of one liter per minute is 5 LPM
  • oxygen concentration: Jay-5W Dual Flow

Other Features:

  • Technology is known as PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption)
  • Variable flow rate
  • Large LCD for timed accumulation
  • Timing at the moment: 10 minutes to 40 hours.
  • Digital pressure and Digital temperature
  • 100% Digital
  • Reminders for maintenance


  • Yellow light; red light is produced when purity is less than 73%; Alert for maintenance: After 3000 hours of operation, an alarm will sound.
  • SpO2
  • Low Purity Alarm: When oxygen purity is between 85% and 92%, it will produce a red light; when it is over 92%, it will give a green light.

Where can this oxygen concentrator be used?

The  Jay 5 Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow can be used in the hospital. Most hospitals handle patients with chronic conditions who need oxygen support. However, some may require oxygen support at home, so they must be enlightened on regulating the oxygen supply.

Working principle

Jay 5 Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow uses the basic principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). This enables the machine to deliver between 90 and 96% pure oxygen depending on the patient's need. The air we breathe contains 78% nitrogen, 1% other gases and 21% oxygen. Using the PSA principle, the  Jay 5 Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow utilizes the ability of the zeolite molecular sieve to absorb nitrogen. This makes it easy to separate oxygen from the rest of the air and makes it readily available for the patient.

Where can the  Jay 5 Dual Flow utilize oxygen concentration?

  • It is more comfortable if connected to HFNC since it delivers oxygen with a steady high concentration.
  • Oxygen therapy as prescribed by a physician.
  • It is convenient for COPD patients to receive oxygen therapy at home if connected to BIPAP;
  • Patients with respiratory abnormalities such as pulmonary disease, need oxygen support to survive.
  • It quickly and efficiently raises the patient's SPO2 if connected to HBOC.
  • HFNC, HBOC, or BIPAP may be utilized in conjunction with it.


Generally, a large population suffers from chronic diseases worldwide. As a result, medical facilities should to be ready to deal with cases of individuals needing assistance in breathing. Oxygen concentrators have become more common and essential to enhance people’s quality of life. With increased advancement in technology and knowledge of science, more people and manufacturers have paid attention to physical health.

The technology has helped people to understand why there is an increased dependency on oxygen concentrators. Those already suffering from chronic diseases have discovered the immense help they can get from utilizing home oxygen concentrators. This has made oxygen homecare to become more acceptable and popular. Patients using any oxygen concentrator at home should have an expert or a family member who understands how the concentrator works and


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