Portable Oxygen Concentrator OxyGo Refurbished


OxyGo is a portable oxygen concentrator designed to offer effective oxygen modality to meet the needs of patients in relation to their prescription. OxyGo is able to deliver 1 to 5 liters per minute of oxygen that comes from the air around you. It is used in institutions, homes, vehicles, and other mobile environments.

Most users require 2 to 3 liters of oxygen per minute according to the physician’s prescription and the OxyGo POC is able to deliver that capacity. You can also check your saturation using an oximeter while you’re using the machine to know what level fits you best.


Advantages of OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

All OxyGo POCs, new or refurbished, adhere to the Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulation. This means that they are approved for both domestic and international air travel. They come with a labelling on the back of the machine to illustrate their compliance to the FAA standards. Due to this, patients can travel long distances while receiving oxygen therapy in flights.

This machine uses the pulse dose technology. Unlike the continuous flow, it which works by supplying oxygen using breathe-triggering sensitivity. This method of regulating oxygen output eliminates a heavy-duty compressor.

OxyGo POC comes with a single or 8 cell backup battery. The rechargeable battery can last up to 3 hours when fully charged. It is able to last the patient a while longer before plugging it back to a power source. The battery can be upgraded to a double cell or 16-cell battery that goes up to 7 hours for a refurbished one.


Portable Refurbished Oxygen Concentrator OxyGo


OxyGo has easy to read buttons and a large display screen that makes it easy to see,  understand and control the keys and settings. The user interface favours patients with different needs and simple warnings such as an audible alarm that shows the issue on the display screen.

Each OxyGo is packed with all accessories for easy access of oxygen anywhere. A brand new one contains a single battery, car charger, AC,DC wall charger, cannula, carry bag and user manual. The refurbished one can have some or all the accessories included and price lists puts that factor into consideration.

In Kenya, there’s less than 2 medical distributors that sell the OxyGo and so being able to access the machine is not easy. We do have a Biomed engineer so in case a client needs repair or maintenance, we got you covered.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

When looking to purchase a portable oxygen supply machine, it is recommended to consider factors such as weight, backup battery and oxygen capacity. These factors should determine your choice since they carry the day when it comes to quality evaluation of a POC.

We have heard clients raising the issue of the overheating machine. One of the cause is that the air filters that let in air are blocked. When you cover the filters in front of the machine, air intake is limited.

Another reason could be that the user is carrying the bag backwards and this prevents air flow. Prevent this by always ensuring the filters and the carrying case are exposed to allow air intake.



Since OxyGo is used on a prescriptive basis, patients should consult a physician before purchasing the POC for supplemental oxygen. It is not designed to be used with a nebulizer or any connection with other equipment. In case of such instances, you will need authorization from your physician to avoid impairment of  the OxyGo.

As GM Medical, we get our portable concentrators from the USA and that means we ensure quality products offered for the sake of healthcare excellence.

Looking for a portable oxygen concentrator with backup battery? Talk to us, we got you covered! Email us on sales@medical.ke

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