Portable Toilet Seat Riser

Difficulties that the elderly or disabled have when using the toilet or rising from it can be easily resolved with the help of this hard-lid toilet lift. Most toilets can fit it. Screws are used on both sides to secure it to the toilet. Toilet lifts are a popular technological assistance with many advantages. The typical height of conventional toilets is short. The risers add 5.10 or 15 cm to the toilet's height, which makes it simpler to stand up. Anyone with knee or hip conditions (arthritis, osteoarthritis) or who has had knee or hip surgery is advised to use it. Elevators make people taller, which reduces the strain on their joints.

Product Features

  • The product is hard and made of plastic

  • Measurements: 35 x 35 cm

  • Three heights are offered: 6, 10, and 15 cm

  • Whether it has a lid (2279) or not (2278)

  • Weight of item: 1.6 to 1.8 kilogram

  • Weight limit: 115 kg


Simple installation The toilet riser easily fits on top of the ceramic bowl and features anti-slip pads on the bottom. Your current toilet cover doesn't need to be removed. The anti-slip pads ensure that the raised toilet seat won't slide around. Without tools or construction, the toilet elevator sits on the toilet and is very comfortable. The elevated toilet seat features a spacious sitting area and a curved form.

The largest part of the toilet seat opening is 10" broad. An ideal elevated toilet seat option for the aged, senior citizens, disabled, or recovering from surgery. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or towels to protect the SLIP-resistant and portable seat. The elevated toilet seat is portable from the bathroom to the bathroom and rests firmly on the toilet basin.

Why purchase an elevated toilet seat?

  • The stability of high toilets

A high toilet seat with or without grip rails is an option. If you still believe you could use additional assistance with your mobility, we recommend high toilet seats with additional support. Your knees and other joints will be less stressed thanks to the extra height, making it simpler for you to stand. The result is improved self-assurance when using the restroom.

  • Less force on joints

People with mobility-related disorders frequently worry about the impact on their joints, and in certain situations, excessive joint activity can result in substantial pain and discomfort. By limiting how far their knees and hips must bend, patients with inflammatory joint conditions, such as arthritis, can have less pain and discomfort overall.

  • Fitting high toilets is simple.

High toilet seats are available and are easy to install with little effort. Raised toilet seats typically contain adjustable mounting brackets that hold the seat firmly in position for maximum stability. Usually, the sides and rear of the object include these brackets. It's simple to clean as well as simple to install. After giving it a quick wipe-down with an antibacterial or toilet bowl cleaner, you're good to go.

  • They're secure.

High toilet seats improve safety by giving you a stable sitting surface, making getting up easier, and reducing the risk of slips and falls. You can move around the restroom with more safety and less risk if you place extra grab rails next to the toilet.

  • They offer comfort.

The human body joints are relieved of any additional pressure by raised toilets. It can be quite challenging for those with arthritis to bend their joints. It is not a simple task, and those who suffer from it may feel excruciating pain. Elevated toilet seats will also prevent us from squatting as much when we use the restroom.

  • Greater assurance

People would prefer to use the restroom whenever possible because it is a highly private subject. While still protecting their safety, a raised toilet seat can enable people to preserve their freedom. This not only boosts a patient's confidence but also promotes their welfare by lowering the possibility of slips or falls when using the restroom.


Toilet risers come in a variety of models. The most popular are the plastic models, which come in both stiff and flexible varieties. There are several heights ranging from 5,10, and 15 cm. Since it covers the population's average height, 10 cm is the most common. You can also decide whether you want a lid on it. For added stability when sitting and standing, some versions incorporate armrests.

There are other lifters available that permit height modification. A toilet seat raiser makes toilets more accessible to the elderly and persons with disabilities. Anyone with diminished mobility or strength may find it challenging to use the restroom. By raising the toilet seat height to make it easier to sit down, toilet seat raisers can facilitate the process.

As a result, using the toilet and getting on and off of it are made easier by these aids. Toilet seat raisers also promote independence in elderly or disabled individuals by making going to the restroom less difficult. The plastic covering on this toilet seat riser helps cover any odors.


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