A power chair or electric wheelchair can be used by primarily two categories of people:

Elderly & Weak:

The elderly population may sometimes become too weak due to their susceptibility to diseases and conditions. While their cognitive capacity (thinking capacity) is still powerful, they may not be able to walk for long periods of time without getting exhausted. A manual wheelchair may require an extra person to push them around but with an electric wheelchair, the need to have someone push them around is solved.

Physically Disabled:

The number of persons living with disabilities is growing exponentially due to disabling diseases and road accidents. For example, an electric wheelchair could be the best choice for the paraplegic patients (Paralysis from waist down). Since the hands and the brain functions are intact, the benefit of easy mobility is unprecedented


  • Easy to operate, even for kids, as young as 6 years
  • Easy and cheap to maintain
  • Long battery life that can run 6 hours continuously
  • Re-chargeable battery. Just plug-in at night and it's ready in the morning
  • No helpers needed to push a manual wheelchair around
  • Faster than walking; up to 10 kilometers per hour
  • Cosmetically built with easy to clean pure leather
  • Easy financing through Apical Capital
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