Resuscitation Machine in Kenya

If a person can carry out resuscitation, why is there a need for a resuscitation machine? It is important to note that certain critical situations force medical care providers to require extra help. Help from other professionals or even CPR machines which can decrease the need for extra labor and ensure adequate space for care providers. CPR machines allow the patient to obtain adequate oxygen when the room is not excessively filled with lifesavers.

So why use a resuscitation machine?

Hospital care providers deal with emergencies at any time. Most emergencies are between life and death. This insinuates that how fast and accurately a medical care provider responds acts as a determinant of the patient's quality of life and ability to recover. Hence, using a resuscitation machine gives time for the care provider to concentrate and perform other life-saving procedures. Procedures are performed quickly to transport patients from one place to another. As a result, the patient can get first aid before being admitted to the hospital.

Another critical reason care providers need to utilize a resuscitation machine is the consistency in chest compressions. When a care provider is performing CPR, they can make mistakes. Common mistakes are related to the care provider’s confidence, which may not always be guaranteed. One may panic, especially in an emergency where various casualties need CPR attention. At the same time, their consistency may be affected as a result of anxiety. A CPR machine assures that the required consistency can be maintained because they cannot be affected by external factors.




Product Features

The automated CPR machine enhances chest compressions among patients with cardiac arrest or other health complications. CPR ensures a consistent breathing rate depending on how the operator has set it. Heart rhythm is followed until the patient can achieve a return of spontaneous circulation. Mainly achieved by ensuring that the machine delivers automated compressions between the moment resuscitation is started until the patient regains their breathing rhythm and has comfortably been restored.

  • The product model is PIH-01.

  • The charger input voltage is between 100-240 V

  • The battery capacity of about 3550mAh

  • Compression depth is between 5.5+/-0.5

  • The product's net weight is about 12.5 kg

  • Compression/decompression ranges between 11+/- 10 times per minute

  • The device can be used constantly for two hours

  • The charger input frequency is 50/60 Hz

  • The product width is 57.6 cm

  • The product height is 69 cm

  • The compression mode can be continuous or 30:2

The principle behind a resuscitation machine

Resuscitation machines allow chest compressions to mimic how the human heart functions. CPR machines send signals to the body to make it believe that the heart is pumping normally. One of the significant reasons why performing CPR is such a critical aspect of saving a life is that it is difficult to pay attention to all other areas of suffering during such an episode. This is why CPR using a machine works towards helping the body to deliver oxygen to the most vital organs, including the brain.

Though performing CPR without a machine is possible and practical, getting blood across body organs is highly decreased. It can only provide up to 20% of normal blood flow to continue circulating. Manufacturers of resuscitation machines suggest that machines can increase this percentage because of the consistency and better effectiveness compared to the provision of manual CPR.


Machines make work easier. As a result, resuscitation machines are critical in making work more accessible and helping care providers restore patients' health. Care providers may have too many patients requiring immediate attention during emergencies. Having resuscitation machines helps them to focus on other critical areas of saving the patients' lives. When a patient needs resuscitation, they can hardly breathe on their own and need help.

Breathing must be gently returned to normal, which demands consistency. As humans, care providers can lack consistency when confronted with demanding situations. Resuscitation machines are more reliable and safer when operated by informed individuals. This means that individuals should not use them without knowing their working principle.

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