Biobase 3 Part Hematology Analyzer


  • It  3 part differentiation of white blood cells
  • Has 21 parameters and 3 histograms(WBC, RBC, PLT).
  • Coulter principle colorimetry hemoglobin determination
  • Intelligent reagent management function.
  • Uses an external printer.
  • Input and output ports include RS232, keyboard, mouse, LAN, and 4 USB ports.
  • Power supply is AC 110/220V, 60/50Hz.
  • Gross weight is 25kgs

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Main Features:

  1. Biobase has a throughput of 60 samples per hour.
  2. It has an 8” touchscreen display.
  3. Use 2 reagents only, diluent or lyse.
  4. Supports LIS, barcode scanner, and external printer.
  5. Reagents are safe to use and not harmful to the environment.
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