BiPAP(Auto CPAP) VM-7 Machine


  • Patient-device synchrony with real-time displaying.
  • Built-in Bluetooth, WIFI, and wireless reading report.
  • American sensor.
  • An intelligent breathing algorithm.
  • Professional sleep study report.
  • Whisper quiet, light, and compact.
  • An efficient heating humidifier system.

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VentMed BiPAP VM-7 Machine


  1. Work Mode:  CPAP, Auto, S, T, ST, Auto S

  2. Sound:  <28dB

  3. Screen: 2.8” TFT, 320 x 240

  4. Pressure Range: 4-25cmH2O, auto adjustment

  5. IPAP: 4-25cmH2O

  6. EPAP: 4-25cmH2O

  7. Backup Rate: 5-50min, adjustable

  8. I/E: 10-80%

  9. Weight: 1.7kg (net weight), 4kg(gross weight)

  10. Data Storage: TF Card

  11. Power Supply: Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1-2A: Output 24V, 2.5A

  12. DC Voltage: 24VDC, 2.5A

  13. Ramp time: 0-60 minutes adjustable 1min/step

  14. Humidifier Level: Integrated heated humidifier, 0-5 level

  15. Water Capacity: 200ML max

  16. Dimensions (cm): 29x 15 x10 (machine); 38.5x 36.5x 16 carton

  17. EPR: Yes, level 0-3

  18. Auto ON/OFF: Yes

  19. Lock Function: Yes

  20. Auto-Altitude: Yes

  21. Leak Compensation: Yes

  22. Awake Detection: Yes

  23. Auto Pressure Traction: Yes

  24. Breathe Event Detection:Yes

  25. Alert: Power off, mask off

  26. Screen Auto Sleep: Auto sleep in 15 minutes, press any button to highlight the screen.

  27. Over-Temperature Protection: Stops automatically, alarm 4 times.

  28. Works for: Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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