North American Drager Narkomed 6000 Anesthesia Machine - Kenya


  • The Drager 6000 series machines were first launched in 1998 and were the first model in cooperation between Drager Germany and North American Drager.
  • The 600 series machine production stopped in 2007 making this series the most advanced and widely used anesthesia machine in Europe, Asia and good percentage of The Americas.
  • This machine offers wide range of volume controlled and pressure controlled modes of ventilation together with SIMV
  • The machine remains one of the most sought after machines and the prices remain high even after 6000 series production ceased.
  • GM Medical sells only tested and manufacturer refurbished machines that can outlast and outperform fake Chinese machines.
  • We sell them packaged with power voltage converter/stepdown, surge protector (Kenya has among the worst power surges in Africa) and power backup. We offer free expert consultation to potential approved buyers.
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Draeger Anesthesia Machine for Sale Kenya

Draeger Anesthesia Machine for Sale Kenya


Draeger Anesthesia Machine for Sale Kenya

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Weight 210 kg
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