Sonosite Titan Portable Ultrasound Machine


Sonosite Titan Portable Ultrasound Machine for sale. Highly adaptable and virtually indestructible, this ultrasound machine is the best solution for budget-sensitive users who are not willing to compromise quality for the cost.

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The SonoSite Titan portable ultrasound machine is an excellent budget-sensitive, durable, color Doppler, portable ultrasound machine.  This model is only available as a second market. Sonosite Titan ultrasound machine is a solid choice for those seeking a good portable ultrasound machine with Doppler capabilities.

The SonoSite Titan is popular in Gynecology and vascular imaging offices, small offices, intensive care units, and emergency rooms where an ultrasound machine isn't always available in the budget. Gynecologists in Kenya especially have found this to be the best solution for real -time imaging of fetuses during office visits.

Our customers use it for basic triage, central line, and PICC line insertion, vascular, gynecological and general abdominal imaging. There is also a cardiac option with CW Doppler, but this machine is not designed for a full-blown cardiac study.

Like all SonoSite portable ultrasound machines for sale, Sonosite Titan extremely durable ultrasound machine and seem to last forever. It is the "Toyota" of the ultrasound industry. Most customers will comment that it seems the SonoSite systems are virtually indestructible.


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