The Mindray Chemistry Analyzer

The world has reached a point where everyone desires to lead a healthy life. Whether one is sick or not, people prefer to stay updated regarding their health status. The Mindray Chemistry Analyzer recognizes this need and that most people are becoming more informed of the health conditions that can occur without one being aware. Mindray Chemistry Analyzer analyzes body substances to understand an individual's health state. Mindray calculates specific substances within blood plasma, urine, serum, and other body fluids. Chemistry Analyzers help care providers understand a person's health status by analyzing the undesirable substances within their bodies. These substances include drugs, electrolytes, metabolites, and protein levels.

Product Features

  • 200 tests per hour

  • Up to 400 tests per hour with ISE

  • Discrete, random access, fully automated, minimal reagent volume of 100 ul

  • Chilled reagent & sample compartment

  • Automatic probe cleaning

  • Liquid level measurement

  • Collision detection

Protection8-step auto cleaning system, 80 semi-permanent cuvettes, an integrated barcode reader, and a bi-directional LIS interface. Whole blood testing function for HbA1c.

Why would one choose to purchase a Mindray Chemistry Analyzer?

Well, Mindray Chemistry Analyzers have unique features that medical care providers find helpful when performing tests and trying to understand the complete well-being of their patients.

  • HbA1c smart sampling

  • Reliable and appropriate reagent management

  • Advanced software function

  • Less manual intervention

  • Advanced close system

  • Uniform reagent package

  • Reliable with high accuracy and stability

  • Cost-effective through lower CPT

Mindray Chemistry Analyzers have more benefits that can better healthcare services. First, they fasten the process of treatment by reducing the waiting time for clients. This is because it can analyze more than one sample at a go. Again, Mindray analyzers store information that can be retrieved when need arises. Mindray is also equipped with an AAA system which ensures that the test results are as accurate as possible and can be traced when necessary. One of the most impressive features of the Mindray Chemistry Analyzer is its ability to have up to 2000 hours of tungsten halogen lamp which most other chemical analyzers do not have.

In the current era, most workers, whether in formal or informal work settings, are working as hard as possible to go paperless. Mindray Chemistry Analyzer works perfectly by ensuring that less manual intervention is required. This is achieved by the capacity of the machine to store information and allow the operators to retrieve it when needed. In other words, The Mindray Chemistry Analyzer has an advanced software function that allows the operator to auto-rerun it. It also can engage its intelligent carryover management.

Mindray Chemistry Analyzer is especially helpful for people battling chronic diseases who need to monitor the substances in their blood. For instance, diabetic patients can significantly benefit from this analyzer as its advanced software allows onboard auto-hemolysis for the HbA1c test. Diabetes has become a nuisance worldwide, becoming completely unbearable, especially when patients are forced to wait long hours for their test results. Mindray Chemistry Analyzer improves the patient experience by analyzing various samples simultaneously. Mindray analyzer machine also helps in reducing false adverse effects, shortens TAT, and ensures enzyme linearity extension.

Advantages in the Healthcare Sector

Every healthcare facility is looking for ways through which the management of reagents can be made accessible. Mindray Chemistry Analyzer is one of those ways. Operators can decide to group reagents such as those carrying out plasma or urine tests and store them in one place. It is also possible to group the reagents like that if the facility can afford various Mindray Chemistry Analyzers. Mindray Chemistry Analyzer has a potential possibility for backup analyzers.

Purchasing this product may result in the addition of a bench-top analyzer which can be used as a backup. Reliability of this machine for reagent management is due to the fact that it is developed with the end user's preference in mind. This helps to reduce the wastage of the reagents. It is also suitable for customer breakthrough as the end user is not required to introduce an extra reagent system.

Mindray Chemistry Analyzer ensures a total solution for clinical chemistry because of the advanced close system. This makes it easy for laboratory workers to achieve the ultimate results with the highest possible accuracy. They can calibrate their apparatus to make it easy for them to trace their consequences.


Mindray Chemistry Analyzer is a reliable machine for healthcare facilities performing frequent patient tests. This allows the facility to reduce the cost of purchasing the reagents. Mindray analyzer helps to shorten patients waiting time as many samples are analyzed. The machine ensures that accurate results are provided. The operator also ensures that accuracy by calibrating the apparatus appropriately. Mindray is also a good fit for storage and decreased wastage of reagents.


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