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Urine analyzers are critical in any healthcare organization. They play a significant part in enhancing care providers' knowledge regarding the general health of their clients. This is because urine is one of the most frequently used samples, as it helps in understanding various medical conditions. It can detect and quantify different analytes such as glucose, bilirubin, red blood cells and even proteins. Most urine analyzers are designed with strip readers, which can accommodate several strips per hour. Different urine analyzer models exist, such as the U500 Urine Analyzer and the U120 Urine Analyzer.

U120 Urine Analyzer

A fantastic instrument is the U120 Urine Analyzer. Up to 120 tests can be performed by the analyzer every hour, and 2,000 findings can be saved and recalled. The U120 Urine Analyzer makes testing more straightforward and delivers precise results. It is approved for use with urinalysis reagent strips and urine controls under the 510(k) and CLIA waivers, respectively.

Product Features

  • Quick and precise

  • Reads strips containing up to 11 parameters, such as micro-albumin, creatinine, and ascorbic acid.

  • The continuous Test Option allows for 120 tests per hour

  • Record the operator and patient IDs using a barcode reader and manual entry.

  • The test types include routine, STAT, and QC tests.

  • possible to transport data to a LIS or external computer

  • Automatic calibration ensures precise outcomes and simple operation

  • Reliable

The U500 Urine Analyzer

U500 urine analyzer is a reliable product primarily due to its accuracy and efficiency. It is designed to allow it to have medium to large volumes to perform up to 500 tests every hour. There are three common test categories used by the U500 urine analyzer, including QC, Routine and STAT.

Why purchase a U500 Urine Analyzer?

U500 is easy to operate as it has a large touchscreen LCD which gives the operator simple menu navigation. This means that any literate person with background knowledge of hospital lab work can use it effectively.

There are unique lockout functions such as user lockout, QC lockout, and strip lockout.

Convenience – its convenience persuades most people who purchase this product. For instance, it has automatic calibration and helps with the waste proposal. This helps to reduce the operator's hands-on time and gives them the freedom to concentrate on more essential aspects without worrying about contamination or constant unhygienic situations. The equipment is also designed in a way that it can read up to 14 parameters which include calcium, creatinine and micro-albumin. It also allows for strip selection of up to 4 combinations, which helps read the analysis results.

What are some of the advantages that one can get from using a urine analyzer?

First, lab-based urine test using urine analyzers follows the standard procedures and cut-off levels. Every laboratory has specific rules and regulations which must be followed for practical testing. Therefore, before purchasing a urine analyzer, the buyer must consider having such regulations to promote the quality of desired results. There is a need to understand that urine analyzers are one of the most secure methods of testing. Again, the current urine analyzers are equipped with automated features which ensure reliable results.

At the same time, the computerized features also help to remove waste when necessary. This allows the operators to have adequate time to focus on the essential steps that should be carried out during urine analysis. Even though urine analysis can be time-consuming, using the U120 Urine Analyzer helps to obtain faster results. U120 is designed to enable the analyzer to read the test strips. The results are stored and can be retrieved at any time. It also allows for the printing of test results. Any lab technician can read the results without the need for special training.

Urine analyzers are sold with a starter guide which includes all the necessary instructions for using them. As a result, any lab technician can use it even if they have never used it before. Small details such as when the analysis was carried out can be adjusted as they are availed together with the product. They also have a place where the operator can set the sound and time for an alert once the analysis results are ready.


Urine analyzers are essential in every laboratory. Their presence helps care providers to have an extensive understanding of the diseases or medical conditions that affect their clients. Having urine analyzers helps them to rule out any conditions that can be detected through urine analysis. The analyzers come with instructions for use, which makes the device easy to operate and perform specific tests.

The instructions offer step-by-step guidelines to ensure the device is convenient for use. Urine analyzers are responsible for providing critical information covering a broad range of medical conditions. Urine analyzers test for the presence of different things, such as bilirubin and protein, which indicate the presence of a specific disease.

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